wedding wednesday(ish): favors pt. 2

Granola makes the world go round. Serve it with or without the yogurt, people will love you forever , either way.

“Thanks for jammin with us,” adorable jam favors.


From the south? Or maybe you just love grits. Give them away. Actually on that note, give favors that you would want to get. Otherwise, [I’d go out a limb and say] it’s okay to not actually give away favors.

Winter wedding? Gift Hot Cocoa mix. The mini-marshmallows are a must.

With several friends getting married, the talk of “details” have kicked into full gear. Apparently things like location, date, caterer, photographer and dress are the easy thing, now it’s all the little “what do we do about x” questions.

Way back in November, there was an amazing feature from Southern Weddings that showed Biscuit Favors (it was also in the magazine and I have since loaned it out to quite a few people). I figured, why not take today to show off a few more options.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I also know that it isn’t Wednesday…but life got a little away from me and I couldn’t quite bring myself to skip my favorite weekly feature.


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