mae mae paperie, spring ’12

Recently I was asked for a few vendor references for wedding invitations and the first on my list was Mae Mae Paperie. I was even more thrilled to see the new spring line by fantabulous paper stylist Megan Gonzalez, so I decided to share a few of my favorites.

The HermieI love it. I will admit that I love it for the reason most men would reject it, the pink. They are stylish, fancy and will fit that wedding that you’ve been planning since the age of twelve.



Having a wedding where you get to be barefoot on a beach with your best friends and family? Then maybe the Roxy is for you. Classy, yet simple and beautifully designed.


Lastly (but definitely not least…and maybe my favorite), the Marlowe. The modern 1950s appearance of the Marlowe just sets my mind a float with a million and one decor ideas to match the invitations. It also makes me think that this is the design to use if you are having a wedding at my favorite Palm Springs location, The Ace Hotel.

I love them all so much and wish I had enough events on the calendar to have to use them all. Which one would you choose?

{invite photos by Megan Gonzales of Mae Mae Paperie}

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