wedding wednesday: unique rings


Not everyone wants the standard in the way of wedding rings. So when I saw these posts on Style Me Pretty and Grey Likes Weddings, it got me to thinking…how can people change their ring style to fit their personality?

What is your dream ring? Diamond? No Diamond? Solitaire, multiple stones or band?

3 thoughts on “wedding wednesday: unique rings”

  1. When I found this one ring, I knew it was perfect and represented everything I wanted. I think we get carried away with size and cost. (And in reality, Tiffany diamonds aren’t the best quality. I would certainly get a Harry W, if I was looking for that kind of attention. Mine isn’t outrageous, but simple and carefree. It is the ‘Oui’ ring from Dior and even if it is understated… it works for us. I love it! Great post! I really like that middle ring from the first photo. I think that more people should buy towards their personalities and forget about what other’s expectations of what ‘the ring’ should be. I always think to David Matthews and his wife and how they choose their rings. The melted pennies, from each other’s birth years, and made a ring from that. (Although it leaves horrible stains.) That idea is so cute and they are still together. Unlike couples whose focus was only on the ring and wedding and lasted only months (-if a year). Kim K, I’m talking about people like you.

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