motivation || inspiration


In May, I attended the Making Things Happen Workshop. One the the many great exercises we did throughout the course of the day was the list of what fires us up. I have been rereading it many times over the past month and a half, but I finally took the time to type it up and share it for a specific reason.

Sometimes I need a little motivation to keep on going [dear friends that I melted-down on in the past couple of days, thank you] and this is a perfect thing to recall to mind.  So when the days come that I feel like none of this (throwing cake or whit & whimsy) isn’t real, I can go back to the good things. Even better, I can pick one off the list and throw it into that moment. Whether it’s turning on a great song, signing up for a dance class, finding a recipe to make at the end of the day, or maybe even having a moment to dance around my cubical…no matter what, it will be awesome.

3 thoughts on “motivation || inspiration”

  1. This is so you! I must admit that I did a double take and had to think twice about the “feelers” one!

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