wantful. i want.


Sometimes you find something that is so perfect, brilliant and amazing that you want to:

a. share it with everyone
b. give it to everyone
c. hide it away for yourself and tell no one (but be the super awesome gift giver)

Because I blog, I felt like I needed to go with option a, however, my aunt and mom wanted me to go with option c so that they could utilize the greatness that is Wantful before news of it’s wonder got out to people they know (and give gifts to).

Here is how simple it really is (per the website):

How it works:

  1. PersonTell us a bit about the person you’re buying a gift for.
  2. GiftWe’ll help you curate a set of 16 perfect gift ideas.
  3. BookYour collection is delivered in a custom printed gift book.
  4. ShipThey choose the item they love the most and we deliver it.

I have taken the quiz based on different people and curated a variety of different collections to get a feel for the site and I love it. The items are wonderful with a vast amount of option at varying price points, so it is pretty easy to stay within your budget. You can select 16 items per collection and options range anywhere from decor, jewelry, hammocks, electronics, totes, bar ware, food, and art, so you will always find items to, well, fill a whole book. You may now become everyone’s favorite gift giver.

Wantful can be found online at wantful.com

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