party design // 1920s prohibition.

Speakeasy Party 1

First comes the party. Which included all the hits of the 20s: big band, tollhouse cookies, hershey kisses, gin and rum. I mean, it was go prohibition or go home. Lots of research came into play to add creative elements. Blue lights indicated speakeasies. Signs for church meetings were another constant indicator of alcohol within during the prohibition. Another fast fact: Italian food became popular during prohibition because a good handful of speakeasies were owned by Italian families, so they would only serve pasta to patrons because it was simple, and most people weren’t really there for the food anyways.



Speakeasy Party 3

And then there were the people (who are in black & white cause well…it’s more 20s like). You can’t have a party without them and the awesomeness they contribute; oh how I love them all so. Here is to the next awesome shindig. I’m thinking it may involve a “trip to the beach.”

Speakeasy Party 4
Speakeasy Party 6
Speakeasy Party 5

4 thoughts on “party design // 1920s prohibition.”

  1. Fabulous idea, well-executed! I love learning things about history (e.g., blue lights, speaking softly, Italian food, Tollhouse and Hershey kisses). Even better if I’m learning while drinking fizzy gin :-)

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