to dc | love, me


Washington, DC-

Happy Ninth Anniversary to us!

I don’t think I ever thought that I would write these words, I figured we would tire of each other. I’m still not quite sure how we have managed together for so long, because I know at times I wanted to kick you to the curb. But when I look back I am oh so glad I didn’t.

Nine years ago I met an amazing group of people on the third floor of Reynolds Hall. I was the sheltered girl from California, by the end of the year I was the slightly less sheltered but sick all the time girl from California. A year of chest infections and laryngitis led to one of the funniest lines that still sticks with me. Beginning of Sophomore year, we returned together and Steven utter the line, “Whitney, I forgot that’s what your voice really sounded like.” Fail. Oh DC, I cursed you that first year as I sat cold and sick and realizing that Seasonal Affective  Disorder is a real thing. But you rallied with Steven, Chiara, Dom, Kavi, Tyler, Chris, Mariel, Ketan, Shaun, Mariam, Nick, Amanda, Dan, Natalie, Dave, David, and Natalia [yes, i’m forgetting people]. You gave me even more people, but these ones you gave to me to do life with. Between cookie baking, Finding Nemo, a hurricane, Mean Girls, family dinners in Leo’s, mini-parties in the hallway, late night food orders, crazy people somersaulting, grilling in the quad, and me constantly falling asleep in the common room…DC, you did well that year.

Over time, our love for each other ebbed and flowed like the tide. I learned something early on, but I wouldn’t identify it until recently, you, DC, are not for the faint of heart. You aren’t a city for the meek and mild, you can’t just settle into contentment. You are a place that requires work and more importantly you are a city that requires strength. So in the last nine years I have fought, kicked, screamed, danced, laughed, jumped up and down excitedly, understood failure, wept bitterly, explored creativity, cried out in shame, squealed with glee, discovered you, found me.

Happy nine years DC, I expect the ride to 10 to be even better then everything before.


p.s. Thanks for the flowers, I really love them.

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