scary, but not.

The last ten months have included a lot of medical tests for me. From MRIs to blood work to ultrasounds galore, I wasn’t sure if I was willing to give much more. But it was for little things…stomach aches, cramps, night sweats (joy), nothing that I was really worried about. So this threw me a bit today.

I walked into my endo’s office for a follow up results appointment and his first words were “Good News! You don’t have cancer!”

Ummm, come again, cause I didn’t know that was an option on the table.

I think I actually said a version of that. Clearly I am the only American out there who gets sick and doesn’t think it’s cancer. Then the poor doctor had to reassure me that it was okay, they were just checking for lymphoma which would have explained my symptoms.

Dear world, for a second there I had a mini panic attack.

But then I had the happy awareness. In the past six months I have had to think about everything from ovarian cysts to early menopause, and thank you Jesus (no really, thank you) that this wasn’t something that I’ve had to think about, read about, mentally prepare for, etc. Thank you that I get to walk out with an over-the-counter vitamin cocktail to take and that is it (yes, that’s what I’m calling it). Thank you that I have healthy ovaries that do what they were designed to do. But mostly, thank you that a test I didn’t know was even on the table came back negative.

Thanks for that.


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