life break.


A mini break from the never-ending Turkey recap. :)

I like to say that for my birthday I took a little blogging break. Really it was just a crazy time of the year. Mini-sessions for whit & whimsy, my 27th birthday, blogshop DC, and I know I’m missing about 50 other things but I did them. Then Sandy rolled in and everything in DC shut down and I got a break from work for two days. Sadly, on day 2, I may have given myself more of a break then I intended. Let’s just say frozen full mason jar + falling from the freezer + your foot does not equal fun times.

So it’s actually pretty funny, I’ve done this once before…a jar of rocks shouldn’t fall on your toe unless you want to break it and I am pretty open that I am the worst patient ever. I am currently trying to figure out how to still dance and do photo shoots while following the “limited movement” ruling handed down to me. Let’s see how this goes.

And more Turkey tomorrow, maybe even a special foodie friday version. 

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