life // when I became amy pond

My nerdiness knows no bounds, except you know, the bounds that I try and make sure that no one knows my loves of fantasy and science fiction, that I have a favorite Star Trek series and as a 12 year-old wanted to marry Wedge Antillies (yep, the x-wing fighter from Star Wars). I’d say it was a phase, but it’s actually life.

Then Buzzfeed gave me this gem with the Which Doctor Who” Companion Are You? quiz.

Yes, I have a favorite Dr. Who companion (who doesn’t?) and yes, oh yes, it’s Amy Pond. My baby brother can attest to this. I haven’t been able to watch any of Clara’s season because I was a wee bit distraught when there was no more Amy and Rory on my TV/computer. I will of course overcome this little blip and continue on in my Dr. Who binge watching, but I will always have a place for Amy Pond in my heart. And thanks to Buzzfeed, I can now believe that we’re the same person.


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