30 Years // The Swag


It seemed like a good time to take a crew to the wonderful world of Disney, land that is. Since I’m me, and me is a bit absurd, it was an excuse to make welcome bags of my likes. So as I prep a million and one posts on parties and reflects and loves, I figured, why not start with the swag.


30_Birthday_002 30_Birthday_003

If I could provide a tutorial on the bags, I would. But I did them late one night, in my room that looks like a goodwill drop off site, while watching a lot of Criminal Minds. So so so much Criminal Minds. That being said, the bags are from amazon, the sharpies are from whatever drawer I found them in, and the designs are care of my noodle. I filled them with some of my favorite things from May Designs, Emily McDowell, Baublebar, and of course the Disney store…oh, and many Mother’s Circus Animal Cookie packets. A welcome bag fit for a queen…or just me.

30_Birthday_009 30_Birthday_011

bags // notebooks // necklaces // postcards // disney tsum tsums

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