life // thirtyish


It was a plan. Said plan wasn’t very ambitious. Actually the plan was pretty simple, since it was just … write about turning 30. Then, keep writing. I’ve been 30 for almost six-months and here if the first post thus far. It could be the last one, honestly, I don’t even know. However, that doesn’t mean the millions of thoughts and stories go away. No, they just continue to flood into my brain and circle round and round and since I’m mean, I’ve come up with a super awesome solution, nothing. Never let it be said that I’m a controlling, over-achiever…except for all those who think that anyways. Then I think, done is better than perfect so in the words of Hamilton:


29! Woohoo! The year of greatness and excitement and crazy travel and all sorts of other things that I told people would happen because I was going to live it up. Or at least, that was the plan and since I’m really only good at planning other people’s lives, we can guess that maybe this isn’t the way it went, but it was pretty darn close.

Crazy Travel: Porter Family vacation to Greece. Two weeks with the family in a foreign country. We all came back alive. So, #victory.
Greatness: Hamilton downtown at the Public Theater. Hamilton uptown at the Richard Rogers Theater. (There will be much more on this later).
Excitement: Eight months of unemployment. Four+ temporary jobs. One new for real job. #raiseyourmouseears
All Sorts of Other Things: Worked on five weddings, Taylor Swift, Mumford & Sons, the Pope, IF:Gathering in Austin

It looked exactly the opposite of what I thought it would be and somewhere along the it became amazing and incredibly terrifying all at the same time. It made me want to laugh, cry, and/or hyperventilate all at the same time. If I am totally honest, I probably did all of those things simultaneously. How different would life be if I could instagram that image? No one needs that image ever. Between the trips and the concerts and the hustling to pay my rent, sometimes it was just about being vulnerable enough to admit that I couldn’t buy my own chicken taco. It was rough and my take away (besides God bless a full time job) was that I wasn’t making any lofty plans for 30. Just go with the flow and whatever happens, well, happens.

Then I decided to write.

Only then I didn’t. But I’m walking the marathon right now, doesn’t mean I can’t make it to the end…or you know, start. 30, flirty (not at all) and thriving (most of the time), a bit late.

One thought on “life // thirtyish”

  1. I just turned 30 in Jan, and want to (re)start writing too. I can’t say I have many things to write about. But I like to think that the writing itself, might inspire me to make my life just a bit more interesting.

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