links // pineapples, panama, and puppies

Let’s go ahead and kick off this new feature, that no one needs and yet I am providing, with the realization that this is going to be a journey across the internet and into my brain. Two things most people could do without, but wait…the two things I’m providing. #ImSoSorry #Blessing

  • Is the only thing about Panama that you pretend to know a canal? Well now there are the Papers and with the great genius of Reddit user and Vox, there is now a cartoon about Panama, shell corporations and piggy banks
  • Puppies with save your brain or at least that is what Soul Pancake has led me to believe. And there are CORGI puppies!! Eek!
  • Martha Stewart Weddings wonders if you want an adorable mobile-bar/coffee shop at your wedding? Is there anyone who would answer no to that question?
  • Because everyone needs a pineapple cup for their summer beverages and parties
  • Sometimes I wish it was 1940 still, and then I remember there were a few issues way back when. So instead, I will just say this Mashable article about 1940’s fashion photography is amazing.
  • Listening to Jessie Mueller singing at the Waitress press viewing. Also being excited to see her perform at the end of the month!
  • A football player does ballet.

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

MCC’s Miscast was this past week and beside the amazing Aaron Tveit singing RENT and Cynthia Erivo doing Yentl, the kids of Broadway went all Schuyler Sisters. Work! Also, if you want to cry you can do so by reading A.Ham’s last letter to Eliza. Get the tissues out.

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