links // russian spies, clones, and women


As of tonight, I will be completely caught up on The Americans. If my body knew what was good for it, it would channel all of the anxiety and stress that it (and Orphan Black) cause me, and would find a way to harness that into calorie burning power. Just waiting for my body to catch up to my brain. After I finish I will have more time for the more important things of life like: booking a cabin in Glacier National Park, planning for 36 hours in NYC next weekend, working on photo sessions, shooting upcoming photo sessions, meal-planning, actually going grocery shopping (and by shopping, I mean instacart). But before that, I should probably catch up with everything on my DVR, right? Right. Good. Thanks.

  • Women, women, everywhere…and soon to be on the $20! Early in the week there was speculation that Jack Lew was going to make a big announcement and big it is! Want to learn about the new faces that will be gracing our money, well the N.Y. Times knew you might need some background info. To all the haters out there, the money was already getting an anti-counterfeit facelift, now it just so happens that we’re going to lift the face of Jackson and replace it with the face of Tubman…scientific advancements, we love them! #womenon20s
  • Deciding that I need to bring the Porter Family’s favorite game to my household in the form of Yardzee, something I didn’t know existed and now is all I want.
  • Spending an absurd amount of time reading about enneagram vs. myers-briggs. Let’s answer the dangling question: Type 6: Loyalist and ESFJ.
  • Bored? Love penguins? Tag penguins in photos. Be happy.
  • This Saveur guide to eating your way through Baltimore. #roadtrip
  • A Liberation Theology for Single People. Can I get an amen.
  • Also, feel free to follow up that last post from Christena Cleveland, with this post, titled Singled Out, also by Christena Cleveland.

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

When I opened Jezebel and saw the headline “Not Every Woman Wants A Baby, But What About Hamilton Tickets?,” I laughed pretty hard, and then I laughed even harder when I clicked on it and watched the video. Also, it’s already been said, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius (I mean, the man just won a Pulitzer), but today it’s said as told by J.J. Abrams for Time Magazine. Again, something we already know, Hamilton makes a whole lot of money, like, a lot a lot.

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