links // harry (the prince), harry (the potter) and hamilton (the show)


So this week is strangely exhausting, but that could be what happens when I spent last weekend in NYC, this week at work, squeezed in three photo shoots, and am having a giant party in my backyard tomorrow (#PrayingAgainstTheRain). In all of that, I went to barre a lot and my internet reading doubled. Topics covered…the interesting dynamic of celebrating Mother’s Day, my new love of The Chic and it’s founder Rachel Hollis, all the Tony nomination news, and being anxious about Mother’s Day shopping (yes Mom, I can’t decide on what to get you so it’s going to be a bit late — but I promise, it will be awesome, I hope).

  • Prince Harry, will you be my Valentine? No? Can I just hang out with the Queen then?
  • Cinematography in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It’s amazing. Also, so is this HP themed wedding. Can we talk about that location??!
  • Ladies, it sucks to wear a bra. Amiright?
  • Wondering why I have an obsession with fancy yoga balls/poufs. I mean for serious, I think this is awesome but no way I would ever spend that much money on a yoga ball cover.
  • Learning that going viral can ruin your life. It can also make your life awesome. So it’s like the flu, it sucks…but you get a day off…yeah, not awesome at all.
  • C.J. Cregg. West Wing Win. Also, President Obama and John Boehner. FTW.
  • Why is Lifetime making Center Stage: On Point…yes oh yes, the sequel to the original gem with Jody and Cooper and Charlie and all the inner cringing that has made me watch it a million and one times. June 25th watch party? As you wait, you can read about real ballet schools, in Brazil.
  • Being fascinated by Roam, a new company that offers co-living spaces around the world. Pretty much, if you can work remotely, you can actually live around the world.
  • Finding a new response to the question of when are you going to move back to LA. After the big one. Cause I have to say, life is pretty great living in a region with earthquakes so tiny I can’t feel them.
  • Wondering why I’ve never thought of doing a distillery tour in Brooklyn. Time to change that.

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

Hamilton is nominated for 16 Tonys. Can’t say we didn’t see that coming. But in the rest of the Hamilton world: Renee Goldsberry talks process, Hair Twin does Another Round (also, an article about his hilarious Hobbes & Me videos), The One with the Arms makes a strange (but comical) Instagram video in honor of Tony noms, Here Comes the General talks about Hamilton (and real life) to the real estate section of the New York Times (yes, the real estate section), and you know, Lin sang with J.J. Abrams in Huttese. Also, apparently there were a ton of Hamilton posters that didn’t make the cut. Artists, so temperamental and full of particular expectations (said no one ever about me).

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