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I am one of those weird people who both needs to be the planner and organizer of trips, but also has severe anxiety about doing things, like booking hotels. So what happens is I have whole itineraries of places to go, things to see, all the foods we must eat, and no hotel. Mind you, I have a list of the top 10 hotels in a variety of price-ranges, but I can’t commit to one. This becomes obvious when, say next week, we are going to NYC for the weekend and we have theater tickets, I’ve mentally worked up a eating & drinking walking tour of Brooklyn, and I just booked my bus ticket yesterday. I hope to have our hotel picked before the bus pulls into the city. Or it could be apparent in my Memorial Day trip to Montana/Wyoming/Utah (though this one I’m super on top of the game). I mean, we have a rental car and 3 out of 4 hotels booked…we just might have to camp in Glacier National Park (which saw 10 inches of snow last week). But don’t worry, I know where you can get a GF breakfast in Polson, fill a growler with craft beer in Missoula, buy boozy cider in Bozeman, and stop for scenic photos in Paradise Valley. Just can’t decide between a cabin or an inn in West Glacier (I think we’re going Inn — no chance of getting stuck by the dumpster).

  • Mother’s Day may have passed, but sweet advertisements about adoptive moms live on.
  • Illustrated Women in History. (I’m only disappointed that I didn’t come up with this idea. It could be because drawing isn’t really my forte).
  • 10 surefire ways to be a Christian a-hole. (Step #1, take offense at the title someone else wrote — that I love).
  • Being super impressed and inspired by photographer Kate Parker’s “Strong is the New Pretty” photo series. If we had more of that and less of the photoshop, maybe we’d have less anxiety and eating disorders in the world.
  • Decided that despite this man’s opinion, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings didn’t lead me down a path to brain damage and the devil. I cannot not however say that for The Mill on the Floss or Tess of the D’Urbervilles.
  • Wondering why my sibling doesn’t love me enough to set me up with Prince Harry. Step it up, Josh, there are options.
  • Loving the custom cases of the ladies of the NYCB, and prepping to see them next weekend!
  • Getting prematurely excited for Finding Dory (work did not pay me to say that) and it’s hilarious tagline: “The unforgettable journey she probably won’t remember.”

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

Hair twin was on Charlie Rose and Jimmy Fallon — cause those are pretty much the same things. Leslie Odom, Jr. (or as I refer to him, The Man Who Stared Deeply Into my Eyes for 30 Seconds While He Sang) has a whole piece dedicated to his awesomeness in the New York Times. Lin and Chance the Rapper — too cool for me. #EduHam was on GMA. Arts and Kids…my heart melts.

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