links // happiness, hysterics, and hamilbros


This week I had a lot of thoughts about personal perception and the internet. It started with a great post from People of the Second Chance titled, Are Your Your Own Bully or Blessing? My roommate and I have a love of the mommy-bloggers. They are great, they live mostly happy lives, everything looks great, they own amazing shoes (that are often gifted from companies to blog about), and they are all about a size 2s. There is no size 2 in my house. That being said, in our house are people who suffer daily with P90x, run marathons, or if you’re me dance and take the most aggressive barre classes in D.C. (woot! Barre3 Union Station). But in the world of perfect bloggers who become models who become fashion designers, it’s easy to see why normal-sized America doesn’t want to put out photos of their #OOTD (Mom, that’s Outfit of the Day) or their “oh my gosh I’m having so much fun on the beach in my tiny swimsuit #embraceyourself” photos. This makes me sad. Also, this is really deep for the opening section of the weekly links. But just think about it, or just watch the million videos linked below, and then think about it:

  • Spending too much time watching all the trailers for the new fall season. ABC is trying real hard with these options (just saying, some look better than others).
  • Wondering how Oscar Isaac became the internet’s boyfriend. I would like to say I tried to weasel in there first, but alas, the internet beat me. This is really just an opening so I can tell an embarrassing story about myself. So, my downstairs neighbor, Adam, really loves Star Wars (like maybe a bit too much). My favorite character from the original trilogy is Wedge Antilles (the x-wing pilot), much, I’m sure, to Adam’s concern. I mean what isn’t to love, he’s a man who wants to help people, has a job, probably a stable income, he’s single and ready to mingle…I digress. So coming into the new movie I was worried no one could live up to Wedge (Adam was also concerned — not at all), but have no fear, Oscar Isaac appeared on screen and within seconds, I moved on to a new x-wing pilot. Cause sometimes you have a movie type.
  • The concept of happiness differs from country to country. My favorite: utepils (Norwegian, “a beer that is enjoyed outside . . . particularly on the first hot day of the year”).
  • Funny men doing (super slow but hilarious) funny things.
  • Learning about the history of the Smash (no not the two-season lived NBC show about Broadway) as I work on signature cocktail recipes for two friends upcoming birthday.
  • Like me, Joe Biden loves ice cream. Also like me, Joe Biden loves Jeni’s. The not-yet-in-season Sour Cherry & Goat Cheese will change your life.
  • Wishing Marco Rubio had this twitter rant moment when he was still running for President. People may have liked him more.
  • When “smart” celebrities go on Celebrity Jeopardy, we quickly learn that a. they (the former RNC chairman, a CNN report, a 60-Minutes anchor, etc) aren’t smart, and b. Louis C.K. is.
  • Getting so excited about Sutton Foster’s return to Broadway. Like, excited enough that this got it’s own bullet point and wasn’t relegated to the Broadway paragraph).

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

I mean, they legit are everywhere at this point. But for the sake of sharing, Lin speaks at Penn and makes me wish the future was in the hands of artists and not politicians/voters. While Lin is doing that (and celebrating Rent’s 20th Anniversary), the rest of the cast is telling Playbill about their favorite Hamilton moments. Hair Twin and the Man Who Stared Into My Eyes performed at the ESPN Upfronts. Also, having all the feels with Cynthia Erivo’s Color Purple performance on the Today Show. Oh, and this video, which I would like to claim has nothing to do with Hamilton, but since it’s about the Tonys that would kinda be a lie (But it does have a wee bit of language) — Sugar, butter, flour…vodka.

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