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Let’s go Montana!! Right now I am doing the mental work through of “is everything actually in my suitcase?” And team, I may find myself in Montana without spare underroos (that is untrue, I packed those). But needless to say, this is going to be a hilarious weekend (follow along on instagram: @wrp3 — official hashtag coming soon). 3 National Parks, hundreds of miles, 4 people in a car, and you know…me attending a wedding on Sunday. Maybe now I should leave the office. So without further ado, the internet:

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

So, I have always loved Hamilton (like in high school) and it’s because he is the sort of man who writes letters like this to his sister-in-law. My Hair Twin was written up in Esquire, I actually think his hair might be better than mine. Also, I’m wishing I could spend a day watching Andy Blankenbuehler work his dance/choreo magic. Getting excited for all the new Broadway Original Cast Recordings that are set to drop within the next few months.

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