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This weekend I’m going to be getting my culture on with the ballet tonight at the Kennedy Center, an 8-year-olds ballet recital tomorrow, and then a musical in the ‘burbs tomorrow night. I’ve been thinking about the fun artsy world as of late; it’s one I’ve been doing a lot of viewing of but not a lot of participating. So now I’m thinking through what projects to focus on, a creative outlet shall we say. Thoughts, I can go back to my pointe class before my 11-year-old cousin gets her first pair of pointe shoes (we can bound over the pain). Photo essays of people doing everyday, normal, amazing things. Dancing around the kitchen, living room, backyard, etc. Maybe I should just start making pretty watercolor paintings, or maybe I should stick with what I’m marginally good at. Pretty much, if you don’t how much I love me the arts, now you know. *micdrop*

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

The Hamilton ensemble is all sorts of hotness and amazingness. That’s all. Also, the whole cast (in addition to the bowling team) plays softball. Because, that happens. And on things that happened, a #tbt to that time Lin-Manual rapped about Helen Mirren (Oh, and also Kelli O’Hara singing, just because). In case you missed it, Hamilton is a big deal and now it’s on cover of Rolling Stone and now even NBCSports is posting articles about the show.

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