links // jackson, jefferson, and jenna


This week has been rough. Like in the sort of way that makes you question humanity. By Wednesday, Ann and I had developed a list of what we had learned via the internet and the never-ending (literally) 24-hour news cycle: 1. You can say/feel racist things, but apparently that doesn’t make you racist. 2. People legitimately believe you can rape, but you’re not a rapist. (I can’t believe Lena Dunham and I agree on something) 3. Broadway stars are awesome at carpool karaoke. 4. It’s okay in TX to use deadly force to get $150 back from someone. So, none of that is something anyone wants to read, and so with that, I devote this weeks links to realization #3 and the greatness that is the Tony Awards this weekend. But before we get there, let’s take a brief segue to this amazing Jess Connelly article on the topic of the intentional idea of coming undone. Because in all the mess, we spend a lot of time holding in what should be part of living life abundantly. Now, back to It’s Broadway Week! of weekly links.

SUPERSIZED!!: All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).


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