life // Loving.

Way back when, a year ago, I decided to pop up an instagram about Loving Day. It simply read: “Yesterday was Loving Day! A day that means not much to about 85% of relationships in the U.S., but means everything to the rest. 48 years ago, in 1967, the Supreme Court struck down anti-miscegenation laws in 16 states care of the Loving v. Virginia decision. 18 years later (team, this has not been that long), that cute couple on the left went and got hitched in Vegas, then they had that really cute girl on the left, and 5.5 years after that the super adorable tall boy came along. As a #mixedkid, THANK YOU to the Lovings for fighting for your love, my existence, any future relationship I find myself in, and my future wee ones. Also, to my adorable parents who didn’t think 18 years was too soon and overcame all the awkward of being an interracial couple…your #mixedkids love you for it.”

In November, Focus Features is bringing the knowledge of Loving Day to the world. And I have so many feelings!

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