bucket list.

My decision to make a bucket list came a while ago. It is always growing and changing, but for the sake of being able to keep up with it, I have given the list it’s own page.

THE Bucket List:

  1. Take culinary classes, basic knife skills and/or fine pastries
  2. Write a children’s story
  3. Get into my first choice for college
  4. Read for fun: novels, short stories, foodie books, etc
  5. Work in the White House
  6. Have a regular gym schedule (a girl can dream she’ll one day change)
  7. Take a digital photography course
  8. Figure out what makes a taco in LA so much better then one in DC
  9. Meet Alton Brown
  10. Dance (any type) on a regular basis
  11. Bake more, give away more
  12. Take a Road Trip
  13. Meet Deb from Smitten Kitchen
  14. See more concerts/musicals/plays/ballets
  15. Make a chocolate soufflé
  16. Buy a Round the World plane ticket
  17. Play the cello (this one is a stretch…but I did it)
  18. Learn how to make a truffles, maybe take a chocolatier course
  19. See the Life Partner more often
  20. Make, Decorate and Stack a Wedding Cake
  21. Coordinate someone’s wedding
  22. Hug a penguin, a live one
  23. Attend Feet First + Blogshop (done, x3)
  24. Launch my own photography shop
  25. Work with designlovefest on something, anything. (halfway there)

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