must have monday: glassware

I love glassware/tableware like a weight-challenged kid loves cake (like how PC I was there).

Whenever I come across cool plates/glasses/servingware, well let’s just say it’s not unusual for said item to be coming home with me. Yes, I admit it, I’m in a pretty steady relationship with glassware. So as I continue to think about party planning/dinner party hosting/style shoot creating, I am loving some great glassware photos on some great blogs….like maybe these:


Just a few of my favorites at the moments.

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grey, white and yellow.


I love these colors. I love the brightness of these pictures.

The photographer in me really, really likes the brightness in the photos.

I love them in my wardrobe (generally my pop of color is a scarf…I admit all of my clothes are black, grey, navy or white). But I especially love them in my house.

The couch in the top corner is soon to be mine care of the Crate and Barrel upholstery sale and I couldn’t be more excited. A fact proven as I’ve been walking around with a color swatch showing it to everyone I know. It’s a problem.

But, I am loving each of these pictures and can’t wait to make it all happen for real!

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a home to: decorate & craft in

I have been without a home of my own since the beginning of June. It was amazingly awkward timing to be ousted from a house and not just because I was still unsure if I would be leaving DC at the end of the summer (clearly that didn’t happen). It’s really more because I got a new desk and was re-bit by the crafty bug. But a new home is soon to be mine (at the beginning of Nov.) and now all I can think about is crafts, craft nights, decorating, photo taking, photo business names, album making, furniture buying and figuring out if I can grow an orange tree in a pot in the sun room. So pretty much what I’m saying is that I have nothing I’m currently working on. Thankfully the every wonderful pinterest is there to keep me idea organized, and maybe to help break the bank a little bit faster.

1. DIY Wall Medallions
2. Gallery Frame Set-Up
3. Camera Collection Wall
4. Office Organization
5. Cupcake Liner Jar
6. French Baguettes