the amazing art of liz climo

Sometimes you find something so great, that you sit at your desk and giggle…and then you send it to every single person who happens to be signed in to Google Hangout in that moment (sorry everyone actually trying to work). Today, it is the amazing illustrations/comics of Liz Climo. And I’m obsessed. Add to that, I think I have identified a few people’s spirit comics.

Can we guess which one belongs to which of the #squad? (Also, a lot of the prints are for sale, danger)

nycb + pointe shoes

I often wish that I could have met my maker (not that maker). So, to the Freed of London maker with the crown stamp, me and my feet thank you for the many hours of work you put in, so I could make twirling on my toes look effortless.

Credits per the Vimeo page:
Client: New York City Ballet
Director + Editor: Galen Summer
Producer: Kristin Sloan
Director of Photography: Hillary Spera
Sound Mixer: Guillermo Pena Tapia

once upon a time, on a wall far away

Currently I am in print fantasy land. Moving into a new house does that, i.e. it lets you dream about everything that could be on the walls. And since one of the art projects (or maybe two) include gallery-style (lots of pieces clustered together) art, I have been gathering prints I love.

And these gems, care of Cup of Jo, made my day.

I may in fact be on a minimalist, re-imagined art kick, but I think you’ll like these anyway. Enjoy!





Goldilocks & the Three Bears | The Princess & the Pea | Ugly Ducklings
Rumplestiltskin | Little Red Riding Hood | Mary Poppins
The Three Little Pigs | The Wizard of Oz