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Sometimes you just want to spend your weekend getting on stage in a long skirt, cropped black wrap top and a hip scarf. Then I realize that is actually the reality of my life this past weekend after 12 weeks of belly dance preparation. And while I will always be a ballet girl at heart, I do love the new adventures into dance that Joy of Motion provides me. Can anyone say my most recent love…Jazz.

Thanks to Joy of Motion for the awesome Studio to Stage classes, can’t wait for the next one.

nycb + pointe shoes

I often wish that I could have met my maker (not that maker). So, to the Freed of London maker with the crown stamp, me and my feet thank you for the many hours of work you put in, so I could make twirling on my toes look effortless.

Credits per the Vimeo page:
Client: New York City Ballet
Director + Editor: Galen Summer
Producer: Kristin Sloan
Director of Photography: Hillary Spera
Sound Mixer: Guillermo Pena Tapia


the real magic about dance is that it’s a shared experience of beauty and joy. we spend our whole lives looking for something like that.
       — john alleyne (dance theatre of harlem)

Today I was watching one of hulu’s new “hulu-only” shows, “A Day in the Life” (it’s clearly a little slow at the office). The most recent one features Misty Copeland, an African-American soloist with the American Ballet Theatre. She is amazing (snippet below) and really it was just a fantastic 22 minutes of my day.

So enjoy the clip, it was the piece she was working on when she was being shadowed for the day.

beauty in movement

I would love to dance semi-professionally again. To be in a company. To feel the butterflies in my stomach as my counts of music approach to cue my entrance on stage. But mostly, I want to feel the beauty of the music, of the movement.

Like the naomi, the writer behind the blog rockstar diaries and the one who lead me to the video through said blog, all I wanted to do was get up and have an improv dance moment in the living room. To be completely honest, I still do…after the fifteenth watch.

Thought of You by Ryan J Woodward

photo love // the beginning

PHoto credit: rosalie o’connor

As I was sitting at my desk the other day a gchat message popped up from my mom, who started talking about niche markets and photography and art. And it led me down memory lane as I began to think about when I knew I loved photography.

I’ve always loved cameras, but for me, photography and the arts were always linked together, and my first moment with the photo love began with Rosalie O’Connor. As a dancer with the American Ballet Theater, she had the rare opportunity to shoot some amazing behind the scenes photography. In addition, with her knowledge of the movements she also shot some amazing photos from the front of the house. It was when my love took hold, cause all I really wanted to be was Rosalie, dancing in the corp and shooting beautiful, emotional movements.

[Rosalie O’Connor, Portfolio (click portfolio and then dance)]