fruit…good for the heart.

– Photos Care of Twig & Thistle

Recently I wondered how to bring back the elementary school fun of Valentine’s Day. For some reason when you’re 25, it’s not okay to walk up to multiple boys (or even one that you aren’t dating) and hand them a construction paper heart with white-paper lace.

Then care of Apartment Therapy and Twig & Thistle, I found it.  

Let’s be honest, does it get any cuter then fruit with customize Valentine’s Day messages. (The answer…is No). But if you browse on over to T&T, you can download the pdf (link below) and all you have to do is print them out on sticker/label paper. You’ll get such gems like:

I’m going bananas over you!
I love you berry, berry much!
We make the perfect pear!
Orange you glad you’re my valentine!
You’re the apple of my eye!

Enjoy and Download the PDF care of Twig & Thistle here!