Boring weekend…Past Food Photo!

The weekend was pretty slow…and all in all, it was shopping, family, two rounds of church, being told by my mother that I don’t embrace my “pretty young lady” aura and thus am single (insert eye roll here). Mind you, I kind of feel like she’s missed the part where I don’t have full control over if I’m single or not…of course, E would disagree with me on that last point. But I smiled today, batted the eyelashes and tried not to toss the oh so straight hair as I invited myself to look at a fish pond…a fish pond, am I nuts?

So instead tonight, of going into fish pond psychology, I share…my attempt of: Deb’s Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake


One thing to point out before the recipe, I don’t make brownies from scratch. Why, cause someone at Duncan Hines figured out a way to let me make brownies with a box, eggs, oil and water…so fantastic! Also, remove it from the fridge ten minutes or so before, don’t leave it out to long, it will melt.  Now, the recipe (after the jump)

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OMG….Cup Pies!!

Well, today my mom and I came to a not to startling conclusion. I think I chose the wrong life calling (cause a PA in the government is a life calling). It’s all about FOOD…talking about it, writing about it, describing it, maybe even occasionally making it. And I now have a new obsession. Cup Pies, or mini-pies (call them what you will, I’m in love).

In honor of National Pie Day (come on, you knew it was NPD too), I started pondering how to best construct a pie to bring to the office, otherwise I’ll eat the entire thing by myself alone in my apartment. And it hit…mini-pies made in a muffin tin. Mind you, this thought required a call home to mom to be like “Mom, can I make pies in a muffin tin?” And her responding, “Don’t you do work at work?” In the end she said yes. But still I was hesitant, cause the pie I’m making is made with a fantabulous vodka pie crust and is filled with and even yummier maple-nutmeg joy. Pretty much, I’ve made it one before with fantastic results, and we can’t have round 2 fail…it just isn’t done that way. And then the jackpot hit, care of Serious Eats, an entire article devoted to the mini-pie, or as I have come to learn the Cup Pie (which seriously is about the cutest name ever).

And then, I thought is couldn’t get any better (although it is evidenced by my still typing/and you still reading), it did. So so so much better. Because I got to discover, The Mini Pie Revolution. An entire blog devoted to my fledgling obsession, and wait…there is more. Because lo and behold, it was a sub story-line on Pushing Daisies. I mean all signs are pointing me in the direction of the Cup Maple-Nutmeg Pies/Tarts…especially since the Mini Pie Revolution is having a “mini-tart” competition, I am nothing if not competitive (and there is the added benefit that it can be used as the office baked good of the week).  For the competition I have to make the tarts, put a photo up here, and then email the link on over to the Mini Pie people…I wonder if they’ll let me leave work early to go and bake? Hmmm?