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the amazing art of liz climo

Sometimes you find something so great, that you sit at your desk and giggle…and then you send it to every single person who happens to be signed in to Google Hangout in that moment (sorry everyone actually trying to work). Today, it is the amazing illustrations/comics of Liz Climo. And I’m obsessed. Add to that, I think I have identified a few people’s spirit comics. Can we guess which one belongs to which of the #squad? (Also, a lot of the prints are for sale, danger)

weekend recap.

This weekend brought me my five year college reunion. On Friday, I wasn’t that excited about it but I guess that could be because I never really left. But it was an awesome time filled with parties, bbqs (dear Georgetown University Grilling Society…I miss you) and friends. Most importantly of course was the fact that the University wanted to remind us of what we’ve been missing for the past five years. The education, the community, the beer pong…strike that last one, oh wait, never mind they did in fact roll out three beer pong tables for the Saturday night party. Keeping it classy, Georgetown, keeping it classy.

a piece of my heart.

Kathleen. We got to know each other because a lot of things: our shared connection to undergrad, mutual friends, the love of certain restaurants, etc. She was the person who would sit in line with me for hours, just waiting with me, so that I could meet the Pioneer Women. She was the person, that when I needed to drive home (2 hours each way) to vote, came along as long as lunch was involved. She was the person that I could call on whim to go on a random drive, meet at the farmers market, eat an unplanned meal, or get coffee with me after physical therapy. All in all, she was, and will always remain, an amazing friend. What kept us together however, especially most recently, was a bit of a different bond. Both of us bonded over caring about boys that we, in fact, aren’t dating and the neverending prodding of people with the question “so why aren’t you dating?” In the beginning, we would laugh over how much people tried to …

epic college fail.

Tonight my roommate and I ventured out of our area of DC and went across town to my alma mater for the 37th annual Cherry Tree Massacre. And it was there that we realized my biggest college failure… …I didn’t snag myself an acapella guy. This is a serious problem. One that I am going to need to figure out how to remedy fairly quickly. Hmm, we’ll see how this goes.

blueberry crumb bars = heaven in a bar

There are days were you are all sunshine and roses. And then there are days when every sentence ends with self-censoring and you have taken so many pills of ibprofen that you wonder if it’s healthy. I’m just going to let you guess what day today is. But instead of a lament, let me instead present, the blueberry crumb bar, otherwise known as “the dessert that will totally get me a spouse, maybe,”: So this may not be the best picture of the beautiful photo of them. It may be because it’s a grainy photo, or because of the flash/lack of flash. or it could just be my horrific point-and-shoot camera. Can we tell I feel disdain for it? But back to the beauty of these little beauties. So, it was March and I was going out of town. To be completely honest, I was running away from a lot of things: repeated fights with people, my dwindling bank account, the need to move, and my health throwing week long migraines at me. When a …