oh happy day

I love Julia Child.

So when a coworker sent me the above from PBS Digital Studios, I may have re-watched it repeatedly. Cause, well, it’s amazing and I, as a little person, watched Julia on PBS with Jacques Pepin…my intro to the food world. So Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child! You did more for the food world than anyone even thought possible.

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude” — Julia Child

the gift of water.

My love for charity:water is nothing new to the blog. Countless times I have shared details about them, but this one may be the best (and let me warn you, a tissue may be necessary to watch the video).

It is about the story of Rachel.

Rachel was a nine-year old little girl who learned of charity:water via a presentation at her church. She decided to give up her ninth birthday and raise $300 to provide drinking water in Africa. She reached $220 dollars and said she would try again the following year. Then she died in a horrific car accident. But something amazing happen, and people all around the world began to give, like $1.2 million of giving. So on the anniversary of her death, her mom & grandparents traveled to see one of Rachel’s wells. It is truly magical.

You can learn more about charity:water online at charitywater.org

motivation || inspiration


In May, I attended the Making Things Happen Workshop. One the the many great exercises we did throughout the course of the day was the list of what fires us up. I have been rereading it many times over the past month and a half, but I finally took the time to type it up and share it for a specific reason.

Sometimes I need a little motivation to keep on going [dear friends that I melted-down on in the past couple of days, thank you] and this is a perfect thing to recall to mind.  So when the days come that I feel like none of this (throwing cake or whit & whimsy) isn’t real, I can go back to the good things. Even better, I can pick one off the list and throw it into that moment. Whether it’s turning on a great song, signing up for a dance class, finding a recipe to make at the end of the day, or maybe even having a moment to dance around my cubical…no matter what, it will be awesome.

DIY: dip dye

Currently dip dye is in. It’s trendy, it’s in all of the magazines. Yesterday, I got an email from my mom with a trendy dip dyed shirt. But nothing really made me want to go out and buy paint and a bucket until these. I am super loving the dip dye baskets and the super awesome table cloth. Home Depot here I come.