the end of week ten: vol. 1

This week has been full of crazy…and the arts. But with that is coming so great planning, and reading, and more planning of life and fun. Tuesday involved a New York City Ballet working rehearsal for donors, and tonight will be a NYCB performance! I am pretty thrilled to watch some ballet while I imagine what life would be like if I could still do that.

  1. This man who is a waterslide master. If it was me, we would have been looking at a second hip surgery.
  2. Blue Zones: The secrets to living to 100 in locations that I’d be happy to just live in for a year of two.
  3. Carpool Karaoke with Ed Sheeran. Need I say more.
  4. Since we’re on to YouTube videos, watch this trailer for Coco. Because it looks amazing and the voice cast the Mouse has lined up sounds amazing!
  5. Maine sends a beer box to Iceland. It takes up a lot of the cargo hold.” (enough said)
  6. The history of pink doughnut boxes, aka, the only way doughnuts should be boxed.
  7. Isabella Boylston teaches Crossfit men ballet. It’s harder than it looks ya’ll.
  8. So on that note, “Pain, satin and paper towels: What it takes for ballerinas to dance on their toes” — The Washington Post knows where it’s at
  9. Salt: So I’m a little bit obsessed with Briny Sea Dry Goods. It’s my recommended hostess gift these days.
  10. Indoor Fruit Trees: When I turned 30 I brought a bunch of succulents home from CA, and decided if I could keep them alive for a year clearly I could keep anything alive. It’s been over a year and a half, and now I’m dreaming big…olive, pomegranate, so many options!

links // since i’ve been gone

We’re going to call this, “The Best of the Internet since January.” Because, well, it’s been a while. What I lack in timeliness, I make up in content. That could be a lie, but either way, I enjoyed them (and they cover a wide reach of topics). Today, I offer you champagne, mixed race commentary, dance, cheese, pasta, and a KFC romance novel. And a few other bits of greatness.

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Also, a trip to see the Kusama exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum

links // life, love, and other musicals


I would hope that I could start off this recap in a different way than last week. But, sadly, it’s still applicable. This week was rough. It’s the sort of week where you question the sanity of the world and then think, this is why people can’t have nice things, or guns. Definitely that last one. I mean, if one kid can’t have peanuts, the whole school goes peanut free to save the one kid — just saying. It has been interesting to watch responses from the “religious communities,” I specifically am not calling them the Christian communities because the “pastors” who said made offensive statements about how this was what God intended because the victims were gay does not serve the same God I do. So needless to say when a trending topic on Facebook was how Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, wrote a blog post regarding Orlando, I visibly cringed in fear. What was he going to say, was I going to feel sad because i love Veggie Tales, I had a lot of questions. But it was actually good. And so I leave you with my favorite part of the post:

But my prayer for the rest of us – especially those of us who call ourselves Jesus followers – is that we would resist the siren song of fear. This side of heaven, security is an illusion at best. We are never more than one drunken driver or cancer diagnosis away from a life-altering or life-ending event. Never. And yet paradoxically, as followers of Jesus, we are always secure. The love of Christ is all we need, and no event on Earth can take that away from us. As followers of Jesus, we are safe. Always. In all neighborhoods. In all circumstances. At all times.

And so it falls to us to demonstrate fearless living to our friends and neighbors. As Justin Martyr before the Romans, Deitrich Bonhoeffer before the Nazis, Martin Luther King Jr. before the racist whites of Birmingham, we have access to supernatural peace. A peace that allows us to stand before the threat of the sword, the gallows, the firebomb, the terrorist, the cancer diagnosis, and respond as all those saints before us – with love. Supernatural love that comes from supernatural peace. Supernatural love that drives out fear. Supernatural love that is the key to showing a frightened nation a better way. — Phil Vischer

And in addition to the above, a few random reads for the week and a whole lot of feel-good Tony Awards news.

TONY AWARD EDITION: All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

There are so many feelings on the theater world in this post-Tonys moment. From the opening to the other opening to the closing and everything in between (yes, each one of those is a different clip). Hamilton won 11 Tonys. Renee Elise Goldsberry, aka Angelica, made me cry. Lin-Manuel Miranda gave the most amazing and delightful speeches. All of the actor winners in the musical category were persons of color (say what?!). There was audience karaoke during the commercial breaks (are we surprised since this was in fact hosted by James Corden). And, the #HamilDoc is coming to PBS in October (Happy Birthday to me).

links // jackson, jefferson, and jenna


This week has been rough. Like in the sort of way that makes you question humanity. By Wednesday, Ann and I had developed a list of what we had learned via the internet and the never-ending (literally) 24-hour news cycle: 1. You can say/feel racist things, but apparently that doesn’t make you racist. 2. People legitimately believe you can rape, but you’re not a rapist. (I can’t believe Lena Dunham and I agree on something) 3. Broadway stars are awesome at carpool karaoke. 4. It’s okay in TX to use deadly force to get $150 back from someone. So, none of that is something anyone wants to read, and so with that, I devote this weeks links to realization #3 and the greatness that is the Tony Awards this weekend. But before we get there, let’s take a brief segue to this amazing Jess Connelly article on the topic of the intentional idea of coming undone. Because in all the mess, we spend a lot of time holding in what should be part of living life abundantly. Now, back to It’s Broadway Week! of weekly links.

SUPERSIZED!!: All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

links // arts, andrews, and adventures


This weekend I’m going to be getting my culture on with the ballet tonight at the Kennedy Center, an 8-year-olds ballet recital tomorrow, and then a musical in the ‘burbs tomorrow night. I’ve been thinking about the fun artsy world as of late; it’s one I’ve been doing a lot of viewing of but not a lot of participating. So now I’m thinking through what projects to focus on, a creative outlet shall we say. Thoughts, I can go back to my pointe class before my 11-year-old cousin gets her first pair of pointe shoes (we can bound over the pain). Photo essays of people doing everyday, normal, amazing things. Dancing around the kitchen, living room, backyard, etc. Maybe I should just start making pretty watercolor paintings, or maybe I should stick with what I’m marginally good at. Pretty much, if you don’t how much I love me the arts, now you know. *micdrop*

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

The Hamilton ensemble is all sorts of hotness and amazingness. That’s all. Also, the whole cast (in addition to the bowling team) plays softball. Because, that happens. And on things that happened, a #tbt to that time Lin-Manual rapped about Helen Mirren (Oh, and also Kelli O’Hara singing, just because). In case you missed it, Hamilton is a big deal and now it’s on cover of Rolling Stone and now even NBCSports is posting articles about the show.