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We’re going to call this, “The Best of the Internet since January.” Because, well, it’s been a while. What I lack in timeliness, I make up in content. That could be a lie, but either way, I enjoyed them (and they cover a wide reach of topics). Today, I offer you champagne, mixed race commentary, dance, cheese, pasta, and a KFC romance novel. And a few other bits of greatness.

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Also, a trip to see the Kusama exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum

links // happiness, hysterics, and hamilbros


This week I had a lot of thoughts about personal perception and the internet. It started with a great post from People of the Second Chance titled, Are Your Your Own Bully or Blessing? My roommate and I have a love of the mommy-bloggers. They are great, they live mostly happy lives, everything looks great, they own amazing shoes (that are often gifted from companies to blog about), and they are all about a size 2s. There is no size 2 in my house. That being said, in our house are people who suffer daily with P90x, run marathons, or if you’re me dance and take the most aggressive barre classes in D.C. (woot! Barre3 Union Station). But in the world of perfect bloggers who become models who become fashion designers, it’s easy to see why normal-sized America doesn’t want to put out photos of their #OOTD (Mom, that’s Outfit of the Day) or their “oh my gosh I’m having so much fun on the beach in my tiny swimsuit #embraceyourself” photos. This makes me sad. Also, this is really deep for the opening section of the weekly links. But just think about it, or just watch the million videos linked below, and then think about it:

  • Spending too much time watching all the trailers for the new fall season. ABC is trying real hard with these options (just saying, some look better than others).
  • Wondering how Oscar Isaac became the internet’s boyfriend. I would like to say I tried to weasel in there first, but alas, the internet beat me. This is really just an opening so I can tell an embarrassing story about myself. So, my downstairs neighbor, Adam, really loves Star Wars (like maybe a bit too much). My favorite character from the original trilogy is Wedge Antilles (the x-wing pilot), much, I’m sure, to Adam’s concern. I mean what isn’t to love, he’s a man who wants to help people, has a job, probably a stable income, he’s single and ready to mingle…I digress. So coming into the new movie I was worried no one could live up to Wedge (Adam was also concerned — not at all), but have no fear, Oscar Isaac appeared on screen and within seconds, I moved on to a new x-wing pilot. Cause sometimes you have a movie type.
  • The concept of happiness differs from country to country. My favorite: utepils (Norwegian, “a beer that is enjoyed outside . . . particularly on the first hot day of the year”).
  • Funny men doing (super slow but hilarious) funny things.
  • Learning about the history of the Smash (no not the two-season lived NBC show about Broadway) as I work on signature cocktail recipes for two friends upcoming birthday.
  • Like me, Joe Biden loves ice cream. Also like me, Joe Biden loves Jeni’s. The not-yet-in-season Sour Cherry & Goat Cheese will change your life.
  • Wishing Marco Rubio had this twitter rant moment when he was still running for President. People may have liked him more.
  • When “smart” celebrities go on Celebrity Jeopardy, we quickly learn that a. they (the former RNC chairman, a CNN report, a 60-Minutes anchor, etc) aren’t smart, and b. Louis C.K. is.
  • Getting so excited about Sutton Foster’s return to Broadway. Like, excited enough that this got it’s own bullet point and wasn’t relegated to the Broadway paragraph).

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

I mean, they legit are everywhere at this point. But for the sake of sharing, Lin speaks at Penn and makes me wish the future was in the hands of artists and not politicians/voters. While Lin is doing that (and celebrating Rent’s 20th Anniversary), the rest of the cast is telling Playbill about their favorite Hamilton moments. Hair Twin and the Man Who Stared Into My Eyes performed at the ESPN Upfronts. Also, having all the feels with Cynthia Erivo’s Color Purple performance on the Today Show. Oh, and this video, which I would like to claim has nothing to do with Hamilton, but since it’s about the Tonys that would kinda be a lie (But it does have a wee bit of language) — Sugar, butter, flour…vodka.

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I am one of those weird people who both needs to be the planner and organizer of trips, but also has severe anxiety about doing things, like booking hotels. So what happens is I have whole itineraries of places to go, things to see, all the foods we must eat, and no hotel. Mind you, I have a list of the top 10 hotels in a variety of price-ranges, but I can’t commit to one. This becomes obvious when, say next week, we are going to NYC for the weekend and we have theater tickets, I’ve mentally worked up a eating & drinking walking tour of Brooklyn, and I just booked my bus ticket yesterday. I hope to have our hotel picked before the bus pulls into the city. Or it could be apparent in my Memorial Day trip to Montana/Wyoming/Utah (though this one I’m super on top of the game). I mean, we have a rental car and 3 out of 4 hotels booked…we just might have to camp in Glacier National Park (which saw 10 inches of snow last week). But don’t worry, I know where you can get a GF breakfast in Polson, fill a growler with craft beer in Missoula, buy boozy cider in Bozeman, and stop for scenic photos in Paradise Valley. Just can’t decide between a cabin or an inn in West Glacier (I think we’re going Inn — no chance of getting stuck by the dumpster).

  • Mother’s Day may have passed, but sweet advertisements about adoptive moms live on.
  • Illustrated Women in History. (I’m only disappointed that I didn’t come up with this idea. It could be because drawing isn’t really my forte).
  • 10 surefire ways to be a Christian a-hole. (Step #1, take offense at the title someone else wrote — that I love).
  • Being super impressed and inspired by photographer Kate Parker’s “Strong is the New Pretty” photo series. If we had more of that and less of the photoshop, maybe we’d have less anxiety and eating disorders in the world.
  • Decided that despite this man’s opinion, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings didn’t lead me down a path to brain damage and the devil. I cannot not however say that for The Mill on the Floss or Tess of the D’Urbervilles.
  • Wondering why my sibling doesn’t love me enough to set me up with Prince Harry. Step it up, Josh, there are options.
  • Loving the custom cases of the ladies of the NYCB, and prepping to see them next weekend!
  • Getting prematurely excited for Finding Dory (work did not pay me to say that) and it’s hilarious tagline: “The unforgettable journey she probably won’t remember.”

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

Hair twin was on Charlie Rose and Jimmy Fallon — cause those are pretty much the same things. Leslie Odom, Jr. (or as I refer to him, The Man Who Stared Deeply Into my Eyes for 30 Seconds While He Sang) has a whole piece dedicated to his awesomeness in the New York Times. Lin and Chance the Rapper — too cool for me. #EduHam was on GMA. Arts and Kids…my heart melts.

links // pineapples, panama, and puppies

Let’s go ahead and kick off this new feature, that no one needs and yet I am providing, with the realization that this is going to be a journey across the internet and into my brain. Two things most people could do without, but wait…the two things I’m providing. #ImSoSorry #Blessing

  • Is the only thing about Panama that you pretend to know a canal? Well now there are the Papers and with the great genius of Reddit user and Vox, there is now a cartoon about Panama, shell corporations and piggy banks
  • Puppies with save your brain or at least that is what Soul Pancake has led me to believe. And there are CORGI puppies!! Eek!
  • Martha Stewart Weddings wonders if you want an adorable mobile-bar/coffee shop at your wedding? Is there anyone who would answer no to that question?
  • Because everyone needs a pineapple cup for their summer beverages and parties
  • Sometimes I wish it was 1940 still, and then I remember there were a few issues way back when. So instead, I will just say this Mashable article about 1940’s fashion photography is amazing.
  • Listening to Jessie Mueller singing at the Waitress press viewing. Also being excited to see her perform at the end of the month!
  • A football player does ballet.

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

MCC’s Miscast was this past week and beside the amazing Aaron Tveit singing RENT and Cynthia Erivo doing Yentl, the kids of Broadway went all Schuyler Sisters. Work! Also, if you want to cry you can do so by reading A.Ham’s last letter to Eliza. Get the tissues out.

weekly links // 02

This week the girls at 100 Layer Cake did an awesome feature on wedding cocktail mixology featuring the dapper gentlemen at Pharmacie LA. I love that they are bringing mixology to the wedding world (and other events of course) and I would love a chance to sample a few of their specialties. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge…which really just means I’m going to have to find myself LA soon…preferably with an event to attend.

Looking for a convenient way to gather addresses for your next party. Postable is for you.

You Away Messages — via Twitter

Sometimes you wonder do I need to be over the top when party planning. Then you find out Kate and Andy Spade like Triscuits, meatloaf and Duncan Hines cake…and all the sudden, the world is yours again. — Bon Appetit

50 Shades of Chicken, enough said.

If you think that using photoshop to create art is tedious, imagine using salt. — the Kitchn

Autumn Grilled Cheese Options — Design Sponge

JetBlue and a GOTV campaign had a baby. It’s adorable. — JetBlue Election Protection

Is it time for co-ed swimming relays at the Olympics. I sure do hope so — Olympic Talk, NBC

Kate Spade and Paperless Post have a Baby.

Cast Bronze Jewelry from the ever awesome Kate Miss

“I know that some of you take your issues with the Beast and his willingness to submit the village bettie to Stockholm Syndrome so easily, but give the guy a break. You’ve been locked in a gothic castle for 20-some years with a bunch of singing furniture, you tell me you won’t take the first thing that walks by your front yard and make it come play some card games with you, even against their will. Regardless of problematic plot points, though, all is inherently forgiven the second he gives that girl a library. Come on, a library. And then as if that weren’t enough, he almost dies for her, and turns into this super-hot guy with that whole sexy Renaissance long-hair look. Keeper if I’ve ever saw one.” — Thought Catalog

Halloween costume ideas from Oh Happy Day. Imagine clouds and flowers.

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