life // …said at a Mumford & Sons concert


Mumford and Sons came to the D.C. area last night, and I never miss a M&S show. And so began the epic adventure that included a lot of driving, a lot of waiting in parking lines, walking really far, and so by the time we arrived Ann and I were full of sass. The crowd was all sorts of interesting. The music was AH-MAZING. And then the following lines were uttered (by us):

– “Marcus Mumford Mumbles”
– “Your boyfriend is rocking it”
– “If your kid likes the band enough for you to Facetime them [during every song], why didn’t you buy them a ticket…there wasn’t a limit of 2 tickets per order”
– “There is only one Mumford, there are no sons”
– “She is reading her mail”
– “Ugh, Your camera isn’t broken, you can’t take a picture…stop trying”
– “D.C. has no rhythm”
– “She didn’t smile once…she looks unhappy…Why is she here??”
– “Please, stop clapping…you’re ruining this for me”
– “There Ben, my boyfriend, Marcus, Winston 1 and Winston 2” — “His name is Ted…he had a blood clot…he deserves his own name”
– “Oh look, he’s playing the actual piano now” — “Ugh. That’s like a thigh holster, slay me”

Untitled Untitled

musical monday // daughter

Two weeks ago, Marie and I channeled our inner hipster. For us that means going to see a band, that most people haven’t heard of, that sings lyrics that could be deemed a bit depressing, with a bunch of intoxicated twenty-somethings and girls that use lines like, remember ten years ago when we were 9? Shudder.

A trio out of the U.K., Daughter is amazing and adorable and great and so British. The music is just wonderful, and when an electric guitar was being played with a cello bow, I decided that this was just another sign of their greatness. And with that, a little glimpse unto our evening.

Daughter @ the 9:30 club  Daughter @ the 9:30 club


music // a musical interlude


It has been a bit slow around here, I admit it, but Whit & Whimsy stole a lot of my energy away during the fall and into December. However, I promise we are getting back on the horse.

So as a small token of the sharing that is to come, today I bring you a musical interlude by The Staves. I stumbled across this video on the blog of the amazing Kate Miss, For Me, For You, and have listened to it on repeat since then!

enjoy! – wp

Musical Tuesday: the Sing Off

It is the start of NaBloPoMo (otherwise known as National Blog Posting Month). It’s crazy. It’s really just when all the crazy bloggers get together and conspire to overfill your RSS feeds/google readers. And (mwahaha), I love it.

So I’m starting out with a video.

Of the Sing-Off.

I love the Sing-Off. A cappella, be still my heart. (isn’t that always the case, love what you can’t do).

Moving on. There are some amazing groups on this season and I can’t really decide who I love the most. Pentatonix, from Arlington, TX…this week you tied with the wonderful all girls group, Delilah. And in case you all aren’t watchers of the show, I made sure to embed both videos for you.

You can thank me later. Or in the comment section. :)

The Sing-Off is on Monday Nights at 8PM on NBC