“Looks Like Another Day, In Another Way”

So today’s title song involves the central theme of all the other songs (and no, it’s not about me being in love).

In case people didn’t know how I felt about a central issue, let me repeat:


Today included her missing her train, and not telling me, and then thinking she could go to a fancy event in jeans. I mean, she almost had a little mini-moment when she thought she would have to wear a formal gown, cause then she’d have to go shopping. I mean, maybe I grew up in a household that demands you to be on top of your attire game, but when you are the Director of a major organization in a big city…you may want to own a formal gown. Maybe, just maybe.

But beyond that I am up to my elbows in job applications, and up to my neck in job rejections. I’m trying to think of this rejection is good for the soul instead of thinking that I am unqualified for anything. That latter point might be more of the truth.


For Sunday, To Be Monday

Another song for the adventurous to guess. (And for the record, the Friday title was “Friday, I’m in Love” by The Cure. And also for the record, I am not in love…and if I was, I probably wouldn’t announce it with a song from The Cure, just an fyi).

But this weekend was lovely. And today to top it off my hair and I got in a fight, and heck yeah I came out of this the victor! Even better, I came out the victor with straight hair. However, because I am pretty ADD when it comes to my hair, it took three episodes of Top Chef (the first season) for it to get done. But in the end, success! (This post also, as of this line, has two too many exclamation points). Church was lovely, I didn’t drop my bread in the cup for communion, and I sat in a row with some wonderful people.

However, now on to what I want (besides a cute, semi-normal boy):

I think I may do a juice fast/detox.

Pretty much the last month has included some of the worst dietary habits that I have had since probably my frosh year. And I take back part of the last statement…forget the last month, nope, more like the last three and a half months of horrific eating habits. Let’s just say for a girl who has a history of, we’ll call it food conflict issues, eventually you realize it’s time for a major change/detox or otherwise who knows what crazy me would do. Actually, I take back part of that statement too…I do know what crazy me would do, and I sure as heck am not going there. So needless to say, to be back on the healthy road, I’m contemplating a juice detox. The problem with this may be that I plan my entire week around food:

Monday = Nothing
Tuesday = A food fest of sorts with A
Wednesday = Small group dinner

And needless to say, within that…apparently I value food way too much, which could be the problem here. So my today through Wednesday contemplation should have me cutting out the processed foods and starting the drinking of more juice and water.

With that contemplation, I’m going to watch Brothers & Sisters and think of the Monday song title.

Random Brother Comment

I’m home for the weekend and this is the first in probably many ridiculous comments from my brother:

while listening to Three Days Grace:

Brother: Do you know the drummer sings background. I love drummers that sing backgound…like Phil Collins!
Me: insert look of incredulous shock
Brother: I didn’t mean that!! I didn’t mean that!!