Musical Tuesday: the Sing Off

It is the start of NaBloPoMo (otherwise known as National Blog Posting Month). It’s crazy. It’s really just when all the crazy bloggers get together and conspire to overfill your RSS feeds/google readers. And (mwahaha), I love it.

So I’m starting out with a video.

Of the Sing-Off.

I love the Sing-Off. A cappella, be still my heart. (isn’t that always the case, love what you can’t do).

Moving on. There are some amazing groups on this season and I can’t really decide who I love the most. Pentatonix, from Arlington, TX…this week you tied with the wonderful all girls group, Delilah. And in case you all aren’t watchers of the show, I made sure to embed both videos for you.

You can thank me later. Or in the comment section. :)

The Sing-Off is on Monday Nights at 8PM on NBC

final day.

The final day of NaBloMoPo is today!

It’s been an insane month and as I read back on the last month I feel like I’m reading through an insane person’s rantings, either that or it’s great for my future memoirs. And with this I think about that memoir is going to rock, especially when I can bring up stories and thoughts that I could never write about for reasons that, well, I wouldn’t actually blog about.

And to wrap up the month….a montage of food photos from the last month:

Last but not least, there was a lemonade stand run by a little boy (who was about three) and his dad. It was the most adorable thing ever, and someone had given the little boy a one-million dollar bill and whoa was he proud of it. So needless to say, I needed to stop and take a picture of the darling lemonade stand on an amazing November day.



Dear Blogosphere-

The past five days was a little crazy, which isn’t to shocking when it involves a debate on how long to cook a turkey, a Greek great-aunt who is kinda like the grandmother on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and discovering a trait that is loathable.

In addition to those things there were disco balls, sword-fighting, and a children’s book on Barak Obama that was thoughly mocked by all around.

Saturday included a jaunt into town and completely by accident, stumbling across the end of the farmer’s market and something else wonderful: TACOS!

In case people didn’t already realize this, I just way the heck excited about a taco, especially one that comes on a homemade CORN tortilla (none of this flour tortilla nonsense). It smelled wonderful and thus, there was a required tasting. While it wasn’t like the ones I grew up with, the taco was pretty awesome and a great continuation to a weekend of absurdity and gluttony.

Maybe more fun recap photos when I’m awake enough to actually look at them.

xoxo, Taco Girl

a little part.

There is a small part of me that can’t wait to get home tomorrow. To the calm, to the having 3 seconds to sit down and hit the import button on my computer for the photos I’ve taken, and to having more then 30 seconds to churn out a “what’s going on with life” blog post.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Until that time…I’m totally falling asleep.


I’m not quite sure what is more insane:

  1. having 4 family members staying in my house that I hadn’t met before yesterday
  2. the arrival of the greek/british cousins (2 of them)
  3. a surprise visit from my late grandfather’s 72 year old sister, who by the way…only speaks greek

This is where we note that I still haven’t gotten the much needed nap, and that the count in the house is up to eleven.