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travel // Yellowstone National Park – West

Let’s go Yellowstone! Now we enter into part two of #3PsandAnn travel the west. A part that is a bit longer than Glacier, also, thanks to lots of walkways over ground that would crumble and drop you into a geyser, I managed not to injure myself here. Success. As we drove from the north entrance in Gardener, MT to the south entrance into the Grand Tetons, every two seconds there was a shout to an animal sighting. It got to the point where the tallying began for every elk, bison, and eagle we saw…and all the bears we didn’t see…and then ended because we lost count after about 50+ bison. Also, Ericka was playing fast and loose with the animal math, ex. “I see an elk, and another! Let’s say there were four there.” So many geysers. Like, no joke. I had but one goal of Yellowstone and that was to see bison swarm around our rental car. Since that was my goal, I probably should have paid for the extra rental car insurance (which …

wpshoots // little miss clara jo

Little Miss Clara is the little sister to Everett. I was super excited to be able to spend a some time with the now family of four. Clara is an adorable, cuddly, little girl who pretty much rocked her first photo op, that is, before she christened mom and dad’s bed with a little puddle of her own.

wpshoots // little mister connor

This is Connor. Connor spent 98% of his newborn session asleep. Like, very very asleep. I should note that said 98% of the time was from the second I walked in the door till I was just about to walk out. And finally, only then did he grace us with a little bit of awake/snuggle time. I wish Connor luck in deciding if he likes Notre Dame (Mom’s alma mater) or UVA (Dad’s Alma Mater) more…also, I hope for his sake he never switches baseball team allegiances from the Red Sox to the Nationals, because his parents might not be so okay with that. (Go, Nats!) :)

wpshoots // megan and jeff

I love engagement sessions. I especially love the ones that involve people who are part of the dance family! Megan and I met when we did a show together and I was so thrilled when she got engaged (I was also extra excited to be taking their engagement photos). It was a shockingly rainless day in May as we started at the Spanish Steps (where Jeff proposed) and ended at the Kennedy Center, where it was a tad blustery. It was so fun to be able to hang out and make them twirl around and laugh at me.