Today included elections that were important to several people I know. But really…what I want to highlight…

CNN’s new election pundit: Ari Fleischer

My love for him is huge. Like the man may have been the reason I went into politics. I may have also admitted this to my roommates tonight when Ari’s fantastic bald head appeared on screen. I may also be mocked for quite sometime about this now, because as my roommate said “most kids loved JTT, but not [W] she loved Ari.”


procrastination, in review

So like has been lamented time and time again, last week was bad and my focus was shot. Needless to say, my procrastination level went way, way up. And so, we will have procrastination in review…a time to tell of the amazing things on the internet that can only be founds through mindless surfing, facebook and gchat links.

1. “Are You A Christian Hipster:” I mean this one about made my day (although I will admit it’s been on the “to blog about list for almost 2 weeks).  It’s been all over the internet including a shout out on the “Daily Dish” from Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic. My favorite paragraph:

Christian hipsters love thinking and acting Catholic, even if they are thoroughly Protestant. They love the Pope, liturgy, incense, lectio divina, Lent, and timeless phrases like “Thanks be to God” or “Peace of Christ be with you.” They enjoy Eastern Orthodox churches and mysterious iconography, and they love the elaborate cathedrals of Europe (even if they are too museum-like for hipster tastes). Christian hipsters also love taking communion with real Port, and they don’t mind common cups. They love poetry readings, worshipping with candles, and smoking pipes while talking about God. Some of them like smoking a lot of different things.

Pretty much it’s hysterical and has been the office joke. Pretty much imagine a church staff ending every conversation with, “but is that a Christian hipster thing to do.” We also decided that a huge bulk of Christian hipsters work hard to cover up a homeschooling past, sad and yet so very very true.

2. The Wall Street Journal’s defense of Laura Bush: I mean I love the First Lady’s office and think a lot of good work can come from it. And yes, I understand that the current Adminstration is trying to set themselves apart from the past. However, get your facts straight before you knock Mrs. Bush; because yes Michelle Obama, you like military families but then so did your predecessor.

3. The Food Section of the NYTimes: Not the most conservative paper, however, there was a full article on Whoopie pies (or cakes) and it was really interesting. Made me want to both makes them and go on a road trip to sample them. Also, we should note that I love the New York Times.

4. More Food: So if anyone hasn’t seen the blog This is Why You’re Fat, well just imagine a lot of deep-fried fatty foods. And this should be a contestant there. So, the fouth position comes to us from Serious Eats (one of the only blogs that gets it’s own icon on my iPhone): “Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt.” Yes, it may in fact clog your arteries just looking at the pictures; but you seriously should look, it pretty much is amazingly disgusting.

5. Political pundits, youth, and body fat: Enter Slate Magazine’s article on the cat fight pinning Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham against Meghan McCain (which may have started after McCain wrote a “I don’t get Ann Coutler” blog post). In any political debate that features Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham…I will always be on the opposite side, especially when that debate includes a high school girl moment of calling the size 8/10, Meghan McCain plus size. So a note to the scary women: “I mean seriously…get with the picture female, Republican pundits, we don’t respect you cause you’re witchy and I’m pretty sure you never eat. Your life must be sad, you must be hungry…see the above featured item, a Bacon Hanburger Fatty Melt could be awesome for you; or the below item, a sandwich could change your life.”

6. New Obsession: Scanwich. Yes, if you pull that name apart you get scan and (sand)wich. And yes, people are scanning their sandwiches. That simple. That awesome. I’m easily amused when I don’t feel well. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m always easily amused.

And lastly, which doens’t even get a number, Time Magazine’s article on romance. Pretty much it’s over a year old, and was part of the Jan 2008 Science of Romance issue. It’s pretty fascinating and totally supports my moodiness with love and romance, cause there apparently is a science and it’s not something that can be controlled. My annoyance was totally validated. :)

The week just keeps getting better

Let’s just hit a quick highlight on my week, and all the joy the internet has brought my way.

First: The Bacon Explosion. I have never seen something fly around the internet so fast in my life. Legit, two or three days ago I made the discovery via a link in a friend’s gchat window. Now it’s all over the internet, being featured on CNN, and clogging arteries everywhere. It is pretty much a heartattack on a plate, like whoa.

Second: The CNN following of the Freshman congressman. They have selected two different congressman, Jared Polis (D-CO) and Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), and have given them cameras and a blog-sphere to add to. It’s about the most adorable thing ever, and while it doesn’t highlight my favorite freshman (cough Aaron Schock (R-IL) cough), it doesn’t mean that I am not totally loving CNN’s coverage. And Chaffetz, is a twitter happy person…like whoa, and it’s wonderful. And in case anyone was wonder, I want to be the Congressional version of an RA (yes, an RA from college) to the Frosh Reps, it would rock!

Third: (Not a link involved in this one). I seriously hit refresh every five minutes trying to stay up on who is going to be the new chairman of my party. Alas, it was the one person that I wasn’t a huge fan of, but Michael Steele could be better then Mike Duncan, I hope. But I’m going to hold out hope.

Fourth: My love of trash fiction is not something that I hide and I started reading Twilight on Sunday night at 1 am. And by started reading, I mean I made it through Twilight and New Moon, and have just started reading Eclipse. Pretty much, Stephanie Meyer is wonderful…supplying me lots of pop fiction to melt into. Tonight will continue on the reading trend, unless there is a better offer, which means to say me, raspberry sorbet and my book have a date tonight.

And then tonight is fun dance class night!! So excited, because this week started out horrific and has ended up pretty fantastic.

The VP debate begins

M and I may be freaking out on my couch, cause this absurd debate may be the most watched debate of this cycle (sad to say)…

9:01 = I joke now, the Republican party dressed her in a hot suit. I mean, love her I do and I wish I looked like that in my stereotypical Republican skirt suit.

9:05 = Talking about the economy…are we shocked?

9:08 = Palin responding on the economy, and she winked. I wonder if that was on purpose.

9:10 = Predator lenders. There was an up-tick when that line was uttered.

9:17 = Taxes, shudder

9:19 = Apparently she just rolled her eyes on television. M may have had a giddy note in her voice when she pointed it out. She also may not have answered the question

9:22 = “characterize, characterize, characterize” and “eliminate those wasteful spending”

9:28 = Oops, Palin faux pas with the Wall Street/Main Street analogy. Better luck next time. Kind of like the In the world/Of the world analogy at bible study last night.

9:33 = John McCain voted against alternative energy sources…hmmm, he’s a republican, are we shocked? And 10 years to

9:34 = YES. That would have been a drink moment (if I played drinking games with debates), “Drill, Baby Drill”

9:49 = We have entered Joe Biden’s territory, and that would be into the Foreign Policy territory. I’m a litter concerned that we are going to take a walk into Russia’s territory (may be time for another drink) :)

9:52 = People are twittering how they hate her accent. I mean people, she’s only been out of Alaska for 5 weeks (as she said) give her a few weeks more to work into pronouncing Iraq and nuclear correctly.

9:59 = The surge won’t work. We need more troops. M and I are curious right now, cause last time I checked, the surge involved additional troops. I’ll ignore that one though.

10:03 = Joe Biden doesn’t have a stomach for genocide. Because apparently, since I’m a republican, I wake up every morning wondering what people group I can remove from the world today.

10:07 = whoa Gwen. “You disagree on national surveillance law, (pause) or least you did in the past.”

10:09 = Take a drink. Second wink of the night.

10:11 = I want to hang out at Home Depot with Joe Biden.

10:12 = Take a drink. Third wink. (Oh, and extra credit to all you watching the debate).

10:14 = Lame jokes, I love the claim that they both made lame jokes about the Vice Presidency.

10:21 = I’m pretty sure he was about to cry. That tugged at the heartstrings. Poor Joe Biden. Can I hug him now?

10:24 = Biden is fired up now. And whoa is he shooting down the maverick talk.

10:28 = Never question the motive, question the judgment.

10:30 = Nothing major to comment on, but I really can’t wait to see what Tina Fey does with this on Saturday.

10:34 = IT’S PIPER!!! (Best ending ever)