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thinking about thinx

Because…periods. I don’t even think there is anything else to say. But since someone will be like, “what is going on here…,” I’ve included the video below and there are many, many, many, many articles that you can read about the on-going saga. But pretty much the short version: period is a bad word, men are offended, children are scarred from seeing a grapefruit, and Georgia O’Keefe is no longer on display in any museum or gift shop anywhere forever (I may have made up that last bit). #grapefruitsandeggs #thankavaginaforbirth #beingborn

the day after.

Ever wonder what it’s like attending the memorial service of one of your best friends…it’s the worst feeling ever.  That is really all that can be said about it. You love, you lose. You trust, you are failed. You cry, you cry some more. And then, there is a glimmer. In the strangest of places. Today I watched a little Glee which brought on a little smile and a giggle of delight. And then it brought my favorite this ever…Somewhere Over the Rainbow, with it came a happy little note of: Oh… Someday I’ll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far Behind… me… Where troubles melt, like lemon drops High above the chimney tops That’s where, you’ll find… me And so, if I can wish upon a star and to reference pop music, I can pretend that airplanes are shooting stars, well then…things will get better.

when all seems lost.

This week can be summarized by the following things: Tears. Lots of Tears. Memories. Loss. Disappointment at choices made. Sadness. Hurt. Rejection. Abandonment. Frustration. Confusion. The weekend can be summarized by something that is full of understanding: Life is full of light and shadow O the joy and O the sorrow O the sorrow And yet will He bring Dark to light And yet will He bring Day from night When shadows fall on us We will not fear We will remember When darkness falls on us We will not fear We will remember When all seems lost When we’re thrown and we’re tossed We remember the cost We rest in Him Shadow of the cross — “Shadows,” David Crowder Band This week’s mantra: “When shadows fall on us, we will not fear, we will remember.”

a piece of my heart.

Kathleen. We got to know each other because a lot of things: our shared connection to undergrad, mutual friends, the love of certain restaurants, etc. She was the person who would sit in line with me for hours, just waiting with me, so that I could meet the Pioneer Women. She was the person, that when I needed to drive home (2 hours each way) to vote, came along as long as lunch was involved. She was the person that I could call on whim to go on a random drive, meet at the farmers market, eat an unplanned meal, or get coffee with me after physical therapy. All in all, she was, and will always remain, an amazing friend. What kept us together however, especially most recently, was a bit of a different bond. Both of us bonded over caring about boys that we, in fact, aren’t dating and the neverending prodding of people with the question “so why aren’t you dating?” In the beginning, we would laugh over how much people tried to …


Since the start of the new year, and the over 2 weeks since my last post, I have been thinking and contemplating that overly deep resolutions post. And every time there was a crazy moment to write about, something else would top it…and soon my brain was full and my ability to write was fading. So to jump start my mind and my thoughts, the current thoughts of my life in random order. Graduate School: This has been the world’s largest struggle for me. Everyone else seems to know what they want with their big dreams and large plans of life. And every time I thought I had it figured out, something would come along and I’d realize how wrong I was, it became a problem. But then I was talking to the HD one day, who has always been an awesome educational compass for me, and in a moment of full honesty said that finding a job after grad school was going to be tough no matter what but wouldn’t it be so much …