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#darlingpancake | confidence and perception

There are just some things that are so amazing and powerful that you just need to let them speak for themselves. But then, I’ve never been one to not get in a word. My love of SoulPancake is pretty large. It’s hilarious, it provides great videos. And then they went and made the That’s What She Said series with Darling Magazine, which pretty much guaranteed my love. I mean, let’s talk about a crazy powerful series that makes you think. I started with the Beauty and Body Image conversation, for reasons that would shock no one that knows me well. Authentic women having authentic meaningful conversation. But the one I love the most is about perception and confidence. It is so simple for people to look at the outer and have no idea what is going on inside. I hear a lot of comments about how I have it all together. Pull myself together and be perfect. It spins in my head like a mantra. I fight it and I know that it’s a lie, …

music // a musical interlude

  It has been a bit slow around here, I admit it, but Whit & Whimsy stole a lot of my energy away during the fall and into December. However, I promise we are getting back on the horse. So as a small token of the sharing that is to come, today I bring you a musical interlude by The Staves. I stumbled across this video on the blog of the amazing Kate Miss, For Me, For You, and have listened to it on repeat since then! enjoy! – wp