wanderable. a honeymoon registry


I have spent a large number of hours thinking about registries. I have friends who have gotten married who have loved them, and then I had the friends that hated everything about the registry process (sad face). But more, I hear my mother’s voice in my head, “if you buy that now, what are you going to register for one day?”

Mom. I found the answer.

World, meet Wanderable. A honeymoon registry that is both functional AND pretty. It’s a designers dream, you can have your cake and a vacation too. Per the Wanderable site:  “Similar to a traditional gift registry, couples create honeymoon registries and list items that they would like to have for their honeymoon. Items can range from general requests, such as transportation, lodgings, and special meals, to more specific requests for particular tours and activities. Guests can contribute to the couple’s honeymoon memories by sending monetary gifts for specific items. An increasing number of newlyweds now have all the housewares that they need, so a honeymoon registry is the perfect way to start off their life together!

For  the number of friends I know on the verge of marriage, well…you’re welcome.

You can visit Wanderable online at www.wanderable.com

bright white

I love the yellows, pinks, grays and navies that are used as wedding colors. But then something happened to me, and by something I mean a Royal Wedding and then this post on Style Me Pretty. I am loving the all white, clean look of everything. Mind you, next week it will be another thing, I’m sure, but for now…all-white wedding I love thee.

vendor love: fliptography

Are you a person who thinks, “photobooths are everywhere and I’m way to cool and trendy to do something that mainstream?” (Are there actually people who would think that way — well, moving on). I have the solution for you.

Meet Flip, a mobile animation studio. All photobooth, all flipbook, all fun.

All photos care of Flip!