Random Extra Bit

Talking to B tonight…who was watching the HBO John Adams’ movie (which I desperately want to see). The following lines were typed by her fingers, and I thought the people of Charlottesville were crazy to refer to Thomas Jefferson like he was still alive

Me: How was John Adams
B: Still on. Oh, George Washington…take me now, you man of conviction
Me: hahahaha
B: you anti-party stud
B: you bi partisan hunk of manly glory

Weekend of Unemployment

This is my weekend of unemployment, and how have I spent it…let me count the ways:

1. Ending Work: Government job is over and done, which is about the most amazing sounding thing to my ears, mind and soul. Not because I disliked my office, I seriously just needed a major change. *Semi-tangent alert* Every few years I have this impulsive need to make life changes (the first one fortunately came senior year of high school…not much damage in that one: made out with a boy, moved across the county and started college). But then I hit a level of semi-contentment, mostly because I spent a good amount of time talking myself off of ledges in college. But with this job switch, I feel like the need for change, which I was at first trying to route into guys, was instead directed to finding a job that made me feel necessary…hopefully, mission accomplished **end of tangent**
But work ending was sad for leaving the people, and on Friday they packed it all in. Including a lunch with my boss, an office party and government out-processing. Pretty much it was a fun last day, and I left the office about an hour and forty-five minutes after I had intended.

2. Dinner: Friday night with one of my frosh from last year. There was thai food, ice-cream and hysterical conversations. Pretty much it couldn’t get any better then that. But it was also decided that I apparently am functioning super well in life, which is always a wonderful thing.

3. Saturday Wedding: So, two friends got hitched in the chapel on our college campus, and that was fantastic and yet kind of didn’t seem real. Also fun, my junior year crush was threre…who I am totally over (I am, I swear), but there was a little part of me that wanted to be like “look how cute I am in my fancy dress.” When all was said and done, it was a fantastic wedding, and a beautiful day.

Now I get to go and contemplate my singleness with the single friends from the wedding. This could turn out poorly and yet, I think it’ll be very fun instead :)

We Paid $160,000 to Have This Convo

 So, all I have to say is this is what you get when you combine a girl with a slow job and an ear infection(me!), one procrastinating masters student (H) and Gchat (the invention of the gods (Greek ones of course)).

H: So I have 3 dots under my chin, like I got bit by a 3 toothed vampire
Me: What?
H: Like 3 tiny dots/bumps all in a row
Me: I only get birthmarks in 3’s on my face in a triangle pattern, since we’re sharing randomness
Me: Yours, however, can be taken care of if you stop making out with vampires
H: Yea, I guess I made out w a vampire w/o knowing about it
Me: My mom used to joke I was marked with a sign
H: hahaha
Me: Cause I have one triangle lower cheek and I have one to the side of one eye
and a third set popped up one day and my mom was like…is something going on. She thought I had drawn it on to mess with her
H: haha…amazing
Me: But no
H: You should look in a book of “signs”and see what it means
Me: Always 3. Always a triangle. It’s weird, I tried not to think about it for a while cause people would point it out and then someone was like, I have something that can lighten those…and I got protective of them and embraced them
H: haha, nice. We should make up a story of what they symbolize
Me: I think I may blog about them
H: Like how many children you will have
Me: Ummm, that would be 9…no
H: or
H: Something relating to the trinity
Me: I’m the kingdom of God….and my face portrays the trinity, I think not
H: You will be a subject of the next Dan Brown book
Me: No words

 **note, my thesis adviser would have freaked out at the Dan Brown line…she hates him, every fiber of his being. Like forbade his name in class with threats of docking people’s grades if they mentioned him ever. So someone always made sure to bring him up once a class session…it was cruel, but I loved her reaction every time**

So sick and yet so funny

So, as a warning to people I will share a little fact that didn’t make it into the 101 things list. When I’m sick, like really sick, I get petulant and by that I mean really petulant. But because I know this and am aware of how annoying it is to people, I try and avoid people when I’m in this state.

So, Friday I left work early due to the sickness. And because I wanted to be taken care of in my time of “need” I drove the 2 hours home to Mom and Dad’s, or as we’re calling it these days, the Sick Ward. This could be due to the fact that the sick people include, me, little brother, mom and 2 cousins. We are just a happy-nose blowing mess. So I get home and proceed to lie of the couch and not move off of it till 11:30 when I climbed into my bed. The perk of the sick house…I think we watched Enchanted three times, and the best bit of that is my young cousin, who is 3, loves the “kissy part.” It’s absolutely hysterical. Cause her older sister (6) is all like “ewww, they are kissing” and I wanted to be like, one day you won’t say that. But my wee one, she loves it and asks for it to be repeated normally with the line “did I miss the kissy part…can you rewind it.”

Other funny thing she’s done this weekend and my personal favorite. She’s been listen to a copy of Psalty the Singing Songbook (a very non-denominational Christian thing that really can’t be explained) that I made for her and her sister. And she is a performer, so she belts out the songs with the greatest of ease, and my personal favorite that she sings, “It’s me, it’s me, it’s me oh Lord, standing in the living room.” I mean maybe the wrong line…but absolutely fabulous!

OMG….Cup Pies!!

Well, today my mom and I came to a not to startling conclusion. I think I chose the wrong life calling (cause a PA in the government is a life calling). It’s all about FOOD…talking about it, writing about it, describing it, maybe even occasionally making it. And I now have a new obsession. Cup Pies, or mini-pies (call them what you will, I’m in love).

In honor of National Pie Day (come on, you knew it was NPD too), I started pondering how to best construct a pie to bring to the office, otherwise I’ll eat the entire thing by myself alone in my apartment. And it hit…mini-pies made in a muffin tin. Mind you, this thought required a call home to mom to be like “Mom, can I make pies in a muffin tin?” And her responding, “Don’t you do work at work?” In the end she said yes. But still I was hesitant, cause the pie I’m making is made with a fantabulous vodka pie crust and is filled with and even yummier maple-nutmeg joy. Pretty much, I’ve made it one before with fantastic results, and we can’t have round 2 fail…it just isn’t done that way. And then the jackpot hit, care of Serious Eats, an entire article devoted to the mini-pie, or as I have come to learn the Cup Pie (which seriously is about the cutest name ever).

And then, I thought is couldn’t get any better (although it is evidenced by my still typing/and you still reading), it did. So so so much better. Because I got to discover, The Mini Pie Revolution. An entire blog devoted to my fledgling obsession, and wait…there is more. Because lo and behold, it was a sub story-line on Pushing Daisies. I mean all signs are pointing me in the direction of the Cup Maple-Nutmeg Pies/Tarts…especially since the Mini Pie Revolution is having a “mini-tart” competition, I am nothing if not competitive (and there is the added benefit that it can be used as the office baked good of the week).  For the competition I have to make the tarts, put a photo up here, and then email the link on over to the Mini Pie people…I wonder if they’ll let me leave work early to go and bake? Hmmm?