So sick and yet so funny

So, as a warning to people I will share a little fact that didn’t make it into the 101 things list. When I’m sick, like really sick, I get petulant and by that I mean really petulant. But because I know this and am aware of how annoying it is to people, I try and avoid people when I’m in this state.

So, Friday I left work early due to the sickness. And because I wanted to be taken care of in my time of “need” I drove the 2 hours home to Mom and Dad’s, or as we’re calling it these days, the Sick Ward. This could be due to the fact that the sick people include, me, little brother, mom and 2 cousins. We are just a happy-nose blowing mess. So I get home and proceed to lie of the couch and not move off of it till 11:30 when I climbed into my bed. The perk of the sick house…I think we watched Enchanted three times, and the best bit of that is my young cousin, who is 3, loves the “kissy part.” It’s absolutely hysterical. Cause her older sister (6) is all like “ewww, they are kissing” and I wanted to be like, one day you won’t say that. But my wee one, she loves it and asks for it to be repeated normally with the line “did I miss the kissy part…can you rewind it.”

Other funny thing she’s done this weekend and my personal favorite. She’s been listen to a copy of Psalty the Singing Songbook (a very non-denominational Christian thing that really can’t be explained) that I made for her and her sister. And she is a performer, so she belts out the songs with the greatest of ease, and my personal favorite that she sings, “It’s me, it’s me, it’s me oh Lord, standing in the living room.” I mean maybe the wrong line…but absolutely fabulous!

OMG….Cup Pies!!

Well, today my mom and I came to a not to startling conclusion. I think I chose the wrong life calling (cause a PA in the government is a life calling). It’s all about FOOD…talking about it, writing about it, describing it, maybe even occasionally making it. And I now have a new obsession. Cup Pies, or mini-pies (call them what you will, I’m in love).

In honor of National Pie Day (come on, you knew it was NPD too), I started pondering how to best construct a pie to bring to the office, otherwise I’ll eat the entire thing by myself alone in my apartment. And it hit…mini-pies made in a muffin tin. Mind you, this thought required a call home to mom to be like “Mom, can I make pies in a muffin tin?” And her responding, “Don’t you do work at work?” In the end she said yes. But still I was hesitant, cause the pie I’m making is made with a fantabulous vodka pie crust and is filled with and even yummier maple-nutmeg joy. Pretty much, I’ve made it one before with fantastic results, and we can’t have round 2 fail…it just isn’t done that way. And then the jackpot hit, care of Serious Eats, an entire article devoted to the mini-pie, or as I have come to learn the Cup Pie (which seriously is about the cutest name ever).

And then, I thought is couldn’t get any better (although it is evidenced by my still typing/and you still reading), it did. So so so much better. Because I got to discover, The Mini Pie Revolution. An entire blog devoted to my fledgling obsession, and wait…there is more. Because lo and behold, it was a sub story-line on Pushing Daisies. I mean all signs are pointing me in the direction of the Cup Maple-Nutmeg Pies/Tarts…especially since the Mini Pie Revolution is having a “mini-tart” competition, I am nothing if not competitive (and there is the added benefit that it can be used as the office baked good of the week).  For the competition I have to make the tarts, put a photo up here, and then email the link on over to the Mini Pie people…I wonder if they’ll let me leave work early to go and bake? Hmmm?

Life Lessons…

So today was going to be a lovely day, 2 people back to work after 2 weeks on travel, it was going to snow…

 …Well snow it did, people did come back, lovely day however, it so far is not. I’m far to passive aggressive to have a normal, fully-functional life (oh heavens, cause the web needs another passive-agressive blogger). But problems at work came up, and supposedly I was at the root of them, and it legitimately wasn’t my fault. And while most people say that and it isn’t true, I swear I’m so right about this one. Now I’m more concerned that this office person may bring harm to me when they return from what should have been a very happy weekend.

But back to happier things, so yesterday was fabulous! Pretty much being gross and sick was overcome by bestowing baked goods upon some fabulous people. Because when it comes down to it, my mom told me to make friends by baking (although that recently has been revised to, go out and bake and maybe you’ll find a man). I mean I am all for the babies and the man (like now), but I mean for serious…22, mom, and I can’t get a date to save my life. But I am at least baking, for people of the opposite gender…kind of. 

In the beginning…

In the beginning there was light…and then somewhere way down the road a blog was born…and then way down that road, this one was brought into this internet world.

I feel like the beginning post always has to hit the majors: who in the world are you, where are you, and why in heavens name are you blogging. We’re going to skip that first one for now, say that I’m on the East Coast for the second one…and then ponder that latter one.

So, not to sugar coat this at all, but blogging is trendy. And I have enough pent up frustration and pseudo-creativity that I seem to think I should be able to have a trendy outlet like a blog. Pretty much, this could fail before it even takes off running.  But I digress now…J.Crew, which sends about the happiest emails in the world (cause who doesn’t like hearing that the $170 dress they liked is on sale for $50 and then another 20% off), just sent another fantastic additional 20 % email. And needless to say all plans to type about how I’m off my diet due to the baked goods I made last night is off. Cause the color I want is only in the size I am aspiring to. So I’m buying the dress, for $39 in a size that probably won’t zip over my well endowed ‘endowment.’ That digression…maybe a $100 set back…the blogging should probably end before I change the title to “Pathetically Broke.”