the end of week ten: vol. 1

This week has been full of crazy…and the arts. But with that is coming so great planning, and reading, and more planning of life and fun. Tuesday involved a New York City Ballet working rehearsal for donors, and tonight will be a NYCB performance! I am pretty thrilled to watch some ballet while I imagine what life would be like if I could still do that.

  1. This man who is a waterslide master. If it was me, we would have been looking at a second hip surgery.
  2. Blue Zones: The secrets to living to 100 in locations that I’d be happy to just live in for a year of two.
  3. Carpool Karaoke with Ed Sheeran. Need I say more.
  4. Since we’re on to YouTube videos, watch this trailer for Coco. Because it looks amazing and the voice cast the Mouse has lined up sounds amazing!
  5. Maine sends a beer box to Iceland. It takes up a lot of the cargo hold.” (enough said)
  6. The history of pink doughnut boxes, aka, the only way doughnuts should be boxed.
  7. Isabella Boylston teaches Crossfit men ballet. It’s harder than it looks ya’ll.
  8. So on that note, “Pain, satin and paper towels: What it takes for ballerinas to dance on their toes” — The Washington Post knows where it’s at
  9. Salt: So I’m a little bit obsessed with Briny Sea Dry Goods. It’s my recommended hostess gift these days.
  10. Indoor Fruit Trees: When I turned 30 I brought a bunch of succulents home from CA, and decided if I could keep them alive for a year clearly I could keep anything alive. It’s been over a year and a half, and now I’m dreaming big…olive, pomegranate, so many options!

links // arts, abt, and andy


Let’s go Montana!! Right now I am doing the mental work through of “is everything actually in my suitcase?” And team, I may find myself in Montana without spare underroos (that is untrue, I packed those). But needless to say, this is going to be a hilarious weekend (follow along on instagram: @wrp3 — official hashtag coming soon). 3 National Parks, hundreds of miles, 4 people in a car, and you know…me attending a wedding on Sunday. Maybe now I should leave the office. So without further ado, the internet:

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

So, I have always loved Hamilton (like in high school) and it’s because he is the sort of man who writes letters like this to his sister-in-law. My Hair Twin was written up in Esquire, I actually think his hair might be better than mine. Also, I’m wishing I could spend a day watching Andy Blankenbuehler work his dance/choreo magic. Getting excited for all the new Broadway Original Cast Recordings that are set to drop within the next few months.