life // …said at a Mumford & Sons concert


Mumford and Sons came to the D.C. area last night, and I never miss a M&S show. And so began the epic adventure that included a lot of driving, a lot of waiting in parking lines, walking really far, and so by the time we arrived Ann and I were full of sass. The crowd was all sorts of interesting. The music was AH-MAZING. And then the following lines were uttered (by us):

– “Marcus Mumford Mumbles”
– “Your boyfriend is rocking it”
– “If your kid likes the band enough for you to Facetime them [during every song], why didn’t you buy them a ticket…there wasn’t a limit of 2 tickets per order”
– “There is only one Mumford, there are no sons”
– “She is reading her mail”
– “Ugh, Your camera isn’t broken, you can’t take a picture…stop trying”
– “D.C. has no rhythm”
– “She didn’t smile once…she looks unhappy…Why is she here??”
– “Please, stop clapping…you’re ruining this for me”
– “There Ben, my boyfriend, Marcus, Winston 1 and Winston 2” — “His name is Ted…he had a blood clot…he deserves his own name”
– “Oh look, he’s playing the actual piano now” — “Ugh. That’s like a thigh holster, slay me”

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musical monday // daughter

Two weeks ago, Marie and I channeled our inner hipster. For us that means going to see a band, that most people haven’t heard of, that sings lyrics that could be deemed a bit depressing, with a bunch of intoxicated twenty-somethings and girls that use lines like, remember ten years ago when we were 9? Shudder.

A trio out of the U.K., Daughter is amazing and adorable and great and so British. The music is just wonderful, and when an electric guitar was being played with a cello bow, I decided that this was just another sign of their greatness. And with that, a little glimpse unto our evening.

Daughter @ the 9:30 club  Daughter @ the 9:30 club