DIY: dip dye

Currently dip dye is in. It’s trendy, it’s in all of the magazines. Yesterday, I got an email from my mom with a trendy dip dyed shirt. But nothing really made me want to go out and buy paint and a bucket until these. I am super loving the dip dye baskets and the super awesome table cloth. Home Depot here I come.

brightly colored streamers

I want to make these, plain and simple. Once it happens, I’m sure I’ll be able to give a full DIY breakdown. But just on first glance, I’m seeing two embroidery hoops (different sizes to fit inside of each other), multiple colors of streams and a hot glue gun in my future. So pretty much, my future sounds awesome.

etsy find: knot & bow

There are days when you want something pretty to just appear on your doorstep, and then there are those other days. The days when you wished you owned a sewing machine and had every possible crafting item known to man-kind. At the immediate moment in my world, that has come out in the form of packaging. Then I found Knot & Bow on Etsy.


So for all those who love browsing through real weddings or sees awesome glitter twine on a design blog and wonders where they can get something like that, you’re welcome.

the Knot and Bow shop can be found here:

wedding wednesday(ish): favors, pt. 3


Featuring different and unique favor ideas is one of my very favorite things to share. Whenever a Wedding Wednesday post is late, you can be almost 100% sure that it’s because I’ve had the following going through my head “You can not do another post on favors, no matter how much you love them.” By Thursday morning, I generally cave.

Today’s favors are care of Martha Stewart Weddings and they are spectacular. Plus, it’s pretty much my favorite things in favor form. Cheese and Crackers, and then Honey. Actually, I don’t think it could get much better unless you paired them together, of course.

must have monday: w/ placecards

Placecards — the underrated, often overlooked, essential part of any major event. Yes, their only job is to tell people where to sit. But there are so many creative options for them, and it’s just one more place to really put a personality stamp on an event. From lemons, to twitter handles, to library card cases…the options are endless.

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[photos care of funkytime, grey likes weddings, and style me pretty]