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No matter the weekend (or weekday), you can find totally crazy events in D.C.. Every now and again, I get the great fun of both attending and photographing. Ramen World was just one of those events. There was the yumminess of all the ramens, fancy cocktails from True Syrups and Shrub District. Also, there was the perk of supporting two of my favorite D.C. chefs (and besties), Jonny (Toki) and Luke (Boundary Road)…oh, and the eating, so much eating.



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Every now and then all you want is a hearty salad. And in my household, that comes in the form of the warm steak salad. It is a thing of legend, and in all honestly, it changes a wee bit every time I make it.

So when I was asked to create a salad recipe to showcase one of uncommongoods newest serving items, a wheelbarrow, I knew it was time to perfect the warm, hearty salad that I’ve been improvising on for years. And so I went for it, and the end result was pretty amazing. It can be served sans meet (as the recipe states) or feel free to serve with grilled steak, chicken or salmon. You can even add in a few other veggie options (broccoli, peppers, etc) as your heart desires.

More then that, it was really fun to photograph.


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

You can find my debut/recipe on The Goods at blog.uncommongoods.com

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