shopping // arro home

Whenever I am feeling a bit stressed out, I tend to go down the internet rabbit hole. Every article I read links to another article which somewhere along the way links to shopping. This week I made a new discovery in Arro Home. Let me be the first to say this is the best/worst discovery I’ve made in a while. You’re welcome.


1. Cloud Nine Cushion | 2. Jessica Bowl & Jug | 3. Orb Side Table | 4. Glint Water Jug | 5. Rainbow Tea Towel | 6. Fried Egg Cushion | 7. Lunar Orb | 8. Winter Vase | 9. Crosses Quilt | 10. Aloft Ottoman Rose

Also, because I love a good deal, nine of these items are straight from the sale page. Which just leaves the question of, how do you even begin to choose?

must have monday: w/ placecards

Placecards — the underrated, often overlooked, essential part of any major event. Yes, their only job is to tell people where to sit. But there are so many creative options for them, and it’s just one more place to really put a personality stamp on an event. From lemons, to twitter handles, to library card cases…the options are endless.

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[photos care of funkytime, grey likes weddings, and style me pretty]