the end of week ten: vol. 2


It’s Friday and I am doing a happy dance. It was a week of high highs (Tonys recap coming soon!) and a crazy work schedule. This weekend I get the joy of being the best roommate ever by getting into a raft on a river. So fingers crossed I don’t injury another joint. :)

  1. Loving this sweet family who won a lot of money in the lotto and started a foundation to make their home city better
  2. Discovering (and loving) the handcrafted ceramics/porcelains from Robert Siegel Studio. Now I just have to keep myself from buying everything.
  3. This fascinating article from FiveThirtyEight about what makes people identify as multiracial
  4. Dreaming about matching flowers at home to wall colors after this collab between Michelle Edgemont, HGTV, and Benjamin Moore — which would be easier if I had actually colors on my walls
  5. Why everyone should take ballet, even if you’re an adult and you’ve never taken a dance class before. It’s just that wonderful
  6. I’m currently torn between a normal soda stream and this fancy penguin one…the penguin lover in me is leaning one way, the rest of me is leaning normal
  7. Thinking about how the Spritz is the “bevvie of the summer” and how having the above Soda Stream would make them a regular in my life.
  8. Continuing my typography art love with these prints from Anthony Burrill for Schoolhouse Electric
  9. Reliving all the wonder and thrill of the Tony Awards! care of CBS and YouTube.
  10. Vacation. Can vacation please appear right now?

the end of week ten: vol. 1

This week has been full of crazy…and the arts. But with that is coming so great planning, and reading, and more planning of life and fun. Tuesday involved a New York City Ballet working rehearsal for donors, and tonight will be a NYCB performance! I am pretty thrilled to watch some ballet while I imagine what life would be like if I could still do that.

  1. This man who is a waterslide master. If it was me, we would have been looking at a second hip surgery.
  2. Blue Zones: The secrets to living to 100 in locations that I’d be happy to just live in for a year of two.
  3. Carpool Karaoke with Ed Sheeran. Need I say more.
  4. Since we’re on to YouTube videos, watch this trailer for Coco. Because it looks amazing and the voice cast the Mouse has lined up sounds amazing!
  5. Maine sends a beer box to Iceland. It takes up a lot of the cargo hold.” (enough said)
  6. The history of pink doughnut boxes, aka, the only way doughnuts should be boxed.
  7. Isabella Boylston teaches Crossfit men ballet. It’s harder than it looks ya’ll.
  8. So on that note, “Pain, satin and paper towels: What it takes for ballerinas to dance on their toes” — The Washington Post knows where it’s at
  9. Salt: So I’m a little bit obsessed with Briny Sea Dry Goods. It’s my recommended hostess gift these days.
  10. Indoor Fruit Trees: When I turned 30 I brought a bunch of succulents home from CA, and decided if I could keep them alive for a year clearly I could keep anything alive. It’s been over a year and a half, and now I’m dreaming big…olive, pomegranate, so many options!

links // harry (the prince), harry (the potter) and hamilton (the show)


So this week is strangely exhausting, but that could be what happens when I spent last weekend in NYC, this week at work, squeezed in three photo shoots, and am having a giant party in my backyard tomorrow (#PrayingAgainstTheRain). In all of that, I went to barre a lot and my internet reading doubled. Topics covered…the interesting dynamic of celebrating Mother’s Day, my new love of The Chic and it’s founder Rachel Hollis, all the Tony nomination news, and being anxious about Mother’s Day shopping (yes Mom, I can’t decide on what to get you so it’s going to be a bit late — but I promise, it will be awesome, I hope).

  • Prince Harry, will you be my Valentine? No? Can I just hang out with the Queen then?
  • Cinematography in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It’s amazing. Also, so is this HP themed wedding. Can we talk about that location??!
  • Ladies, it sucks to wear a bra. Amiright?
  • Wondering why I have an obsession with fancy yoga balls/poufs. I mean for serious, I think this is awesome but no way I would ever spend that much money on a yoga ball cover.
  • Learning that going viral can ruin your life. It can also make your life awesome. So it’s like the flu, it sucks…but you get a day off…yeah, not awesome at all.
  • C.J. Cregg. West Wing Win. Also, President Obama and John Boehner. FTW.
  • Why is Lifetime making Center Stage: On Point…yes oh yes, the sequel to the original gem with Jody and Cooper and Charlie and all the inner cringing that has made me watch it a million and one times. June 25th watch party? As you wait, you can read about real ballet schools, in Brazil.
  • Being fascinated by Roam, a new company that offers co-living spaces around the world. Pretty much, if you can work remotely, you can actually live around the world.
  • Finding a new response to the question of when are you going to move back to LA. After the big one. Cause I have to say, life is pretty great living in a region with earthquakes so tiny I can’t feel them.
  • Wondering why I’ve never thought of doing a distillery tour in Brooklyn. Time to change that.

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

Hamilton is nominated for 16 Tonys. Can’t say we didn’t see that coming. But in the rest of the Hamilton world: Renee Goldsberry talks process, Hair Twin does Another Round (also, an article about his hilarious Hobbes & Me videos), The One with the Arms makes a strange (but comical) Instagram video in honor of Tony noms, Here Comes the General talks about Hamilton (and real life) to the real estate section of the New York Times (yes, the real estate section), and you know, Lin sang with J.J. Abrams in Huttese. Also, apparently there were a ton of Hamilton posters that didn’t make the cut. Artists, so temperamental and full of particular expectations (said no one ever about me).


Sometimes life seems tough. It seems like no matter what you do, it will result in two words “epic fail.” And then you look up.

It’s Thursday.

In September.

It seems so crazy, but we are in the ninth month of the year. I am not sure how these months keep flying by, but they do…much to my increasing surprise every time I have to write the date down. A month and a half till 26 comes to live with me for a year, 4 months to kick my photographic tush into gear before I attempt to take the class of a life time, a month to sign up for a photoshop/illustrator class. Scarily enough, that is even less time to work on funding all of those things.

It is weird to think of “dreaming big and leaping,” but apparently that is what I’m doing. Type A, need to have it all together, me…

If it wasn’t apparent, I’m becoming a crazy person in my head. Sometimes I’m coming up with cutsey photography names (oh they are crazy) and other times, I’m contemplating why my boss is nuts, and all the rest of the time, I’m obsessively watching some USA network show (oh Suits, how you slay me). That’s me, Whitney Porter, the crazy girl.

So coming up with where to go from here:

~ Get information/put my deposit down for OLOL feet first session in Feb (in Vegas)

~ Sign up for classes with the New School (photoshop and illustrator basics may be what’s needed)

~ Think of a way to get the office to pay for the above two classes

~ Figure out how to pay for upgrading my camera equipment and be able to afford the self-assignments that I would like to shoot

~ Name the photography business (this is actually difficult)

~ Contemplate a letterpress class

~ Plot of branding ideas, clearly based upon coming up with a name

Just a couple of small things. I can totally have those accomplished by Christmas.


There is something wonderful about working from home, and the wonderfulness only increases when you want to curl up in a ball and meditate on the depressing with no one else around. In moments like this, I always want to do something crazy and spontaneous. Really when it comes down to it, I really just want to say out loud all the things that I hold back.

So I have conversations out loud with, not surprising to anyone you knows me, imaginary people. And pretty much in this, I convince myself to leave well enough alone. But instead this time, it’s just a matter of a whole host of questions and thoughts in my mind and oh heavens are they random, with some applying to me and others being totally, totally random:

  • Who decided that winter is wonderful cause it’s one of the four seasons? It’s cold. It’s not fun. It makes my nose cold.
  • Is hulu going to really start charging?
  • Could I handle relocation to a new city and state?
  • French fries are a perfect food, when not cold and soggy.
  • New Harry Potter trailer was leaked and I can’t wait till Nov 2010.
  • In movies people make it look so easy to admit loving someone, what is that all about?
  • I want to do work, the kind that doesn’t make me feel like I’m repaying student loans for nothing.
  • There was a couple holding hands in front of me, for the first time in my life I was jealous.
  • Why can’t life be simple and easy?
  • There are several movies coming out that I want to see, I know this cause I watched trailers on Apple all day long
  • Who decided that there are friend categories and dateable people categories?
  • I make a damn good cupcake.
  • Dear Mom, I don’t want to “try to flirt” or appease a guy’s ego to get attention. That isn’t me. End of story.
  • DVR is an invention of the gods.
  • NYU 2011, let the application process begin.
  • Why….
  • The Little Mermaid soundtrack just started playing from my iTunes list, from LM to Pocahontas…Greatness.
  • In addition to the word debauchery, I love the word clandestine.
  • The real question, “Is something coming just around the river bend”
  • Mentality of a 8 year old girl, check.
  • It’s a wonder I can function with this much randomness in my head, oh wait, I can’t function.

It’s a great life I lead, even with all the ups and downs and major moments of bafflement…as I sit here singing along to ‘Colors of the Wind’ as my roommate walks into the house.