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christmas: diy mini-trees

When you’re planning a Christmas party, all sorts of fun DIY stuff jumps out and grabs a hold of you. Today’s amazing DIY item comes from the Sweetest Occasion. If only I could make it at my desk while at the office, but maybe instead it can be my “on the bus” project…(fastest way to annoy my seatmate, hi Linds!) Because who doesn’t need adorable mini-trees made from paper. find the instructions at

on set with martha.

Ever wonder what it’s like on the set of The Martha Stewart Show…yes, as in the Martha Stewart.  Well after a four hour bus ride to NYC, a couple hours wandering Chelsea, and standing in line to get in (and signing a wavier or two), I had the answer and a lot of photos to go with it. Imagine if you will: a 100% fully functional kitchen, a craft room, a real greenhouse, a super nice production staff (thanks, Laura!), giveaways and well…Martha. It was amazing. Topics covered included: paper wall art crafts, dahlias with Frances Palmer, putting gardens to bed, making kimchi with Marja Vongerichten, grilling steaks in the 100% full functional kitchen to serve with kimchi butter on top, and what the best baking apple is (Martha prefers the firm, tart, not green-skinned apples).       And we all know I couldn’t leave without a million and one detail shots, which came care of a fantastic tour around the set before the show began. All in all, an amazing day with Martha Stewart. …