end of the week ten: vol. 3


Hey there week. You sure did bring some crazy: cleaning out all the stuff, a trip to the Goodwill, my car bumper getting a little too personal with a parking garage column (not by me), and a million and one other things. June, you’ve been something crazy. From the high highs to the low lows, it’s time to catch up, refocus, and continue on the adventure of living my best life now. But while I wait for that to happen, a random sample of the internet for you.

  1. A friend has coerced me into a month long squats challenge (read: she posted on Facebook). Day 3 and I’m already sad. But if you want to follow along, I’m doing an amateur hour version c/o Fitness Magazine. Because #hipsurgeryexcuses
  2. Loving this Cup of Jo article on people who skip certain wedding traditions (which in my opinion, is a lot of them) — also, if you’re bored, there is also my favorite CoJ article ever
  3. Another week, another article about the ballet. This one on how dance partners create chemistry amongst themselves
  4. I love Max Wanger and his print shop is having a sale through Sunday (6/25). Just another reason to spend some dollars and cents
  5. Being super obsessed with all the collabs around the release of Despicable Me 3 — mainly with luggage one with Away
  6. Trying to find a bathing suit top that fits the, ahem, girls. Lucy and Ethel love some support and these options from Lilly & Lime look pretty great (this article from Bustle has a few sneak peeks from a new launch)
  7. Planning to make frybread after reading this Food52 article
  8. Also learning how to host like a Parisian. (Also care of the good folks at Food52)
  9. Taking this Buzzfeed UK quiz and never getting 100%. Ya’ll coming up with the top 100 girls names is hard
  10. Apparently there is a whole sketchy market around San Marzano tomatoes…also, like Champagne, they are only considered San Marzanos if they are grown in a very specific part of Italia

the end of week ten: vol. 2


It’s Friday and I am doing a happy dance. It was a week of high highs (Tonys recap coming soon!) and a crazy work schedule. This weekend I get the joy of being the best roommate ever by getting into a raft on a river. So fingers crossed I don’t injury another joint. :)

  1. Loving this sweet family who won a lot of money in the lotto and started a foundation to make their home city better
  2. Discovering (and loving) the handcrafted ceramics/porcelains from Robert Siegel Studio. Now I just have to keep myself from buying everything.
  3. This fascinating article from FiveThirtyEight about what makes people identify as multiracial
  4. Dreaming about matching flowers at home to wall colors after this collab between Michelle Edgemont, HGTV, and Benjamin Moore — which would be easier if I had actually colors on my walls
  5. Why everyone should take ballet, even if you’re an adult and you’ve never taken a dance class before. It’s just that wonderful
  6. I’m currently torn between a normal soda stream and this fancy penguin one…the penguin lover in me is leaning one way, the rest of me is leaning normal
  7. Thinking about how the Spritz is the “bevvie of the summer” and how having the above Soda Stream would make them a regular in my life.
  8. Continuing my typography art love with these prints from Anthony Burrill for Schoolhouse Electric
  9. Reliving all the wonder and thrill of the Tony Awards! care of CBS and YouTube.
  10. Vacation. Can vacation please appear right now?

links // arts, andrews, and adventures


This weekend I’m going to be getting my culture on with the ballet tonight at the Kennedy Center, an 8-year-olds ballet recital tomorrow, and then a musical in the ‘burbs tomorrow night. I’ve been thinking about the fun artsy world as of late; it’s one I’ve been doing a lot of viewing of but not a lot of participating. So now I’m thinking through what projects to focus on, a creative outlet shall we say. Thoughts, I can go back to my pointe class before my 11-year-old cousin gets her first pair of pointe shoes (we can bound over the pain). Photo essays of people doing everyday, normal, amazing things. Dancing around the kitchen, living room, backyard, etc. Maybe I should just start making pretty watercolor paintings, or maybe I should stick with what I’m marginally good at. Pretty much, if you don’t how much I love me the arts, now you know. *micdrop*

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

The Hamilton ensemble is all sorts of hotness and amazingness. That’s all. Also, the whole cast (in addition to the bowling team) plays softball. Because, that happens. And on things that happened, a #tbt to that time Lin-Manual rapped about Helen Mirren (Oh, and also Kelli O’Hara singing, just because). In case you missed it, Hamilton is a big deal and now it’s on cover of Rolling Stone and now even NBCSports is posting articles about the show.

life // a sexy lifestyle blog (ha!)


It is so easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Who has the better job, the cooler stuff, the biggest parties, and the best “lifestyle” blog…you know the ones, where every outfit, party, craft, house, life is perfect. I’d say I wish, but I’m not sure if I do.

Let’s talk about my “lifestyle blog.” I spend about 30 days per year photographing something (vacation, families, a wedding or two, my own projects, etc.); there are another 15-ish days to hosting shindigs and happy hours. A smattering of days are focused on the crafting arts, read: spray paint, and a full week is spent on my devotion to sending tax-deductions to the goodwill. If I really buckled down, I could throw that image out there, life would be perfect, the world would envy my great luck, and people would want to be me. But then there are the other 300-ish days of the year.

The rest of that time, oh team, is spent on the following ideas/things:

  • societal constraints toward women and how women don’t win, and that is a problem
  • singleness. the never-ending, poke-my-eye-out discussion of the church
  • discussions and articles on dating culture, not just the church! everyone’s screwed! it’s nice not to feel alone.
  • figuring out how long I can hit snooze before I’m actually late to work
  • lunch
  • why everyone should go to counseling
  • pinterest: cocktail ideas! DIYS! make-my-own clothes! (because #insane)
  • the evils of high fructose corn syrup
  • singleness. (I kid you not — so bad it’s on there twice)
  • realizing the older I get the less I like people and their personalities, can I get an amen on that one
  • gushing about whatever my most recent obsession is
  • the internet
  • hulu, netflix, abc family app, usa app, cbs app, on-demand (it’s a problem)

…and let me tell you, that isn’t sexy lifestyle blog fodder. Except, it actually is life, so maybe it is. It will always come with a pretty picture, cause I’m me. Parties will always be styled, because again, me. But you also might get a rant about how periods (not the punctuation kind) are not offensive, and the NYC MTA can shove it, or that medieval prostitution led to really weird modern viewpoints on sexuality within the church. I may gush about the ballet in one sentence and roll my eyes about the opera in the next. I will definitely talk about being bi-racial. I can love and hate my hair within the same breath; it’s a great prop…it’s the devil, depends on the millisecond.

One day there may be a cool recipe or crafty project or photo shoot or shopping favs, and the next day there might be an article about…well, periods.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring (since it’s come up twice, if you guess periods and advertising, you might be totally right. Sorry to the .2% of men who stumbled across this, but it just might be the day for an expanded education).