shopping // arro home

Whenever I am feeling a bit stressed out, I tend to go down the internet rabbit hole. Every article I read links to another article which somewhere along the way links to shopping. This week I made a new discovery in Arro Home. Let me be the first to say this is the best/worst discovery I’ve made in a while. You’re welcome.


1. Cloud Nine Cushion | 2. Jessica Bowl & Jug | 3. Orb Side Table | 4. Glint Water Jug | 5. Rainbow Tea Towel | 6. Fried Egg Cushion | 7. Lunar Orb | 8. Winter Vase | 9. Crosses Quilt | 10. Aloft Ottoman Rose

Also, because I love a good deal, nine of these items are straight from the sale page. Which just leaves the question of, how do you even begin to choose?


links // p&g, peggy, and people


So I feel like all of the cool kids are writing memoirs these days. Like, if you can breathe and type (though that last one is negotiable), you too can tell your story! I mean I’m not totally believing that said memoir is something that people actually want to read, but you know props to all the young writers for believing in themselves and sometimes, I think it’s super awesome (just maybe not Eat, Pray, Love). So, I just figured since all the cool kids do it, I should to. And so, consider this my formal notification of my future work: “Sarcasm & the Spirit: A Journey [gotta include the buzzwords] of Singleness, Cocktails, and That One Time I Snuggled a Penguin.”

  • Oh lord, the P&G Olympic-focused Thank You, Mom commercials are back. I’ve watched one. I cried. This is going to be a long 120+ days, so I should probably buy some tissues. Which I think is P&G’s overall plan.
  • Peggy Noonan gets me, which is to says Pegs and I would like this election cycle to be done.
  • Hope Heals. Because sometimes we need a reminder that it’s all out of our control.
  • On a serious note, sometimes I wonder if the world would be a better place if we cared a little bit less about what could happen to us, and a little bit more about what we do to other people. I mean, maybe people wouldn’t post offensive sexual harassment filled messages on the internet (let’s call this NSFTSP – Not safe for thin-skinned people/or most people).
  • The beautiful world of the New York City Ballet. So very beautiful. (Also, can I take photographs like this?)
  • Researching GF bakeries for my upcoming 36 hours in NYC.
  • Contemplating adding to my collection of sandals. Do I want these, these, these, these, or these. Or all of them. Yeah, that’s totally the right answer.

All Things Hamilton (or all of Broadway).

Meet the young, beautiful people of Hamilton. Yes, they too have more talent than the rest of us. Also, when they aren’t busy being talented on their own stage, they create things like the cast of Hamilton does Sweeney Todd (it’s as creepy as you would expect it to be).

shopping // of a kind

Every time I try and get into a regular rhythm of blogging, my life goes crazy. So here it is, I’m going to try harder, I will fail less, and I still won’t have a regular posting schedule. So there’s that. And without further ado…shopping.

Of a Kind, it is pretty safe to say that I’m obsessed. If you have no idea of what I refer to, here is a bit about them per their website:

“We select designers whose work we love and feature them on the site, one at a time. We share a series of stories about each designer—inspirations, personal life, taste, training, you name it—along with a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for Of a Kind.”

I love the products, I love the designers I find through them, and I love the weekly emails from the founders Claire and Erica (I’ve been known to forward them to many people and use them, in meetings with my boss, as examples about the proper use of email newsletters). I also really love that right now everything is on sale and with that, I’m sharing my current “I Want” list with the world.

**If you were not recently reminded by your mother that you are on a budget, you can take 35% off everything with code UPINYOURGRILL through 07/08/2014 (so exciting!)

istanbul // a mosque + some tales


Our first glimpse of the Blue Mosque happened the first night we arrived in Istanbul. Ann and I made it to our hotel after overnight flights and a wild, nausea inducting shuttle ride, so the need to stretch our legs was great. It should be noted that we arrived in Istanbul sans a Turkey Guide book and, well, we won’t note that I only had about $75USD due to a bank fiasco…clearly planning wasn’t on my side for night one. Thus, we set out with the decision that we would only walk straight down the road with the tiny postcard sized map from the hotel in hand so not to get lost on our first outing. After about five minutes we emerged onto a square and poof there was the Aya Sofya and the Blue Mosque right in front of us. It was an amazing and well-illuminated site.

istanbul blue mosque, Istanbul

Blue Mosque, Istanbul



Fast forward to our first full day and we had lots to see which included a trip to the Blue Mosque and meeting by far one of the funnier Turkish men (in comparison to the annoying ones that inspired lots of Minnesota niceness and even more California annoyance…I’ll let you guess who was who).

blue mosque, istanbul

blue mosque, istanbul

blue mosque, istanbul  blue mosque, istanbul

blue mosque, istanbul

blue mosque, istanbul

So in addition to finding the Blue Mosque, we also picked up a friend while searching for the visitor’s entrance. A mini tour of the Blue Mosque, photos and the line “let me have your camera and I will go where visitors can’t go and take special pictures” later (we clearly gave him Ann’s camera as I held his shoes as a guarantee), he led us to Jennifer’s Turkish Towel shop. Jennifer the Canadian. My English speaking soul sang with a joy that can’t even be imagined. Shopping! Textiles! English! I think Ann may have laughed at how gleeful I was. My bank account left a little lighter.


istanbul istanbul

Oh, and there was mid day break for lunch and some tea. I’m telling you, tea…everywhere! Epic fail when you’re the girl that doesn’t really do hot beverages. Needless to say, every waiter loved Ann and was annoyed with me, or that could be my complete inability to put up with the offers to have someone “teach me turkish”…
I may not have see Taken, but I know how this whole “teach you the language” thing goes, it’s called you go on vacation get and kidnapped/offed. Maybe. Back on topic now.



Next up, Ann and Whitney go to a palace. And maybe do some more shopping. (It’s me on a vacation, do we expect anything less).

wish list: here we go, Turkey.


I have discovered a problem I didn’t know I had. Going on vacation makes me want to shop more. I have visions of great outfits, amazing jewelry, and the bags…oh the bags. It can probably be blamed on the fact that I have started to think of life in photographic snapshots so the vision of a flowy skirt blowing in the breeze while on a cliff overlooking the sea while wearing super cool jewelry and holding an awesome bag, I mean that can totally happen, right? With Turkey quickly approaching, I thought I would share what has tempted me most recently, i.e. my vacation wish list. However, I will say that what is actually going into my bag will be a lot what I currently own and love quite a bit.  From my amazing lightweight colorblock scarf from scarf shop, perfect for darting in and out of locations that require head-coverings, a few pairs of well loved (and broken in) sandals care of Aldo, Rainbow & Madewell, a plethora of skirts below my knee, and of course my camera and a lot of camera cards to go with it.

1. camera case 2. random dye scarf 3. stack ring 4. gem ring 5. sandals 6. tote 7. guides