paper goods // national stationery show

Way back in May, I got the great joy of hanging out with this fun girl for two days in NYC for the National Stationery Show.

For those who don’t know the amazing Nicole Yang, she is the ever wonderful and amazing Art Director for Southern Weddings, which may or may not be my favorite blog/magazine in the wedding world. Needless to say, she was in NYC for NSS and needed a photographer…I too was in NYC, but for fun, and needed a reason to stay longer. So I appealed to her fun nature and promised her that no matter what, I would at least be entertaining. And then she said yes, and then I had a panic attack, and then I said yes back. Pathetic. I know.

By the end of our two days all I really wanted was to be a paper designer, well that and to have an infinite budget to buy all the amazing bits that I had seen though a camera that gets heavier with each passing minute of shooting. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites!

Starting with Wednesday…because who doesn’t love a good W.

I digress, now on to actual paper goods.


These Are Things

Emily McDowell

Tabletop Made

Ladyfingers Letterpress

Smock Paper

Puddleduck Paper Co.

Sideshow Press


Rifle Paper Co.

Paisley Tree Press

9th Letter Press


Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Belle & Union

You can see more on Southern Weddings: Here, Here, Here and Here Again.

Note: The next month or so will probably be filled with posts that should be titled, Better Late Than Never.  Sorry about that, I’ve been a wee bit behind.  Enjoy!

wedding wednesday(ish): favors pt. 2

Granola makes the world go round. Serve it with or without the yogurt, people will love you forever , either way.

“Thanks for jammin with us,” adorable jam favors.


From the south? Or maybe you just love grits. Give them away. Actually on that note, give favors that you would want to get. Otherwise, [I’d go out a limb and say] it’s okay to not actually give away favors.

Winter wedding? Gift Hot Cocoa mix. The mini-marshmallows are a must.

With several friends getting married, the talk of “details” have kicked into full gear. Apparently things like location, date, caterer, photographer and dress are the easy thing, now it’s all the little “what do we do about x” questions.

Way back in November, there was an amazing feature from Southern Weddings that showed Biscuit Favors (it was also in the magazine and I have since loaned it out to quite a few people). I figured, why not take today to show off a few more options.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I also know that it isn’t Wednesday…but life got a little away from me and I couldn’t quite bring myself to skip my favorite weekly feature.

grilled cheese.


Grilled Cheese is great. My 22nd bithday (?) involved grilled cheese. It actually was a grilled cheese party. Two to four types of bread, four types of cheese, an endless supply of toppings (imagine: bacon, arugula, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and apples), and a large griddle on the stove [dear married friends, now you know why I love gifting grill pans].

So when I spotted this grilled cheese station on Southern Weddings I knew I had to share. Because who doesn’t love grilled cheese.

Photos courtesy of the Reason Photography (by way of Southern Weddings)

wedding wednesday: favors

Favors are pretty standard at two things: weddings and children’s parties. And generally you walk away thinking, wow I didn’t need *fill in the blank.* But what if favors were awesome and something you looked forward to (I’ve been pondering this with the 50th Bday Party Planning).

My friend Lauren (whose wedding I coordinated in May), gave away caramels from the Caramel Jar. Let’s just say, I may have swiped an extra or two.

When my aunt got married (way back when) every guest received a mini-pumpkin bread and a recipe card to go with it. A friend gave away home-brewed beer at her wedding this past April.

Recently, Southern Weddings Magazine has featured multiple “favor” spreads on their blog (some from Vol. 4) that gift such joys as…



barbecue sauce,

and sweet tea.

The options are endless, but if I can just point out one thing…they all are food related.

What are the best favors you have received, either at a wedding, event or favorite childhood party? Or, what are the best ones you have given?

must have…everyday: weddings

When you blog everyday, you start to realize how often you want to talk about weddings and styling. And today…I finally decided, oh what the heck! If throwing·cake wants to be all weddings & events all the time, then it’s going to be that way (sorry to the men out there who are currently screaming “she’s given in to the dark side!”). And with that…

Seersucker. Wedding. Dress.

Everything about this made me smile, an ear-to-ear smile. I then sent it off to soon-to-be-brides, random friends, and maybe stopped a co-worker or two using the line “ohmygoshyouhavetooseethis.” Yes, it came on in one giant stream of thought.

I couldn’t get over it. I love it. I love how it’s both non-traditional and yet traditional, all at the same time. I am truly pondering if it’s possible to hang such a dress in my closet for, umm, a rainy day.

It also leads to a great wonder on wedding dresses, dream big. Because if the traditional white satin is not you, experiment with other fabrics, colors, shapes and most definitely lengths. You’re going to have to see these photos for the rest of your life, and on day 5,689 you will want to love that dress as much as you did on day one when you picked it out and day __ when you walked down the aisle.

photos credit: southern weddings via 100 Layer Cake